Monday, May 4, 2009

Back Yard Camping

Bret took the big brothers camping this evening. In the "woods" behind our house. He and Conner have a "real" camping trip with some friends planned for later this month, so they thought they'd try a little run-through. And Micah was invited to participate in this camping trip.
First things first -- a trip to storage to get the tent, and a trip to Academy to get Micah a camp chair (he chose a "camel floss" (camoflauge) one).

Then the boys helped Bret set up the tent and gathered up some firewood.
Well...the pictures make it look that way, don't they? Actually, Bret set up the tent, and Bret gathered the firewood. Conner played some kind of Pokemon game that had him running around all over the place. And Micah "helped" Joey swing.Later they ate watermelon,
By then it was about time for hot chocolate. But we soon discovered that we were all out. So I got to run to the grocery store while they sat around and told spooky stories. Conner's and Micah's ghost stories always consist of the same thing: Conner says, "Once upon a time, in scary, scary place there was a scary, scary ghost named...BOO!" Then Micah repeats, but his ghost is named something silly like "pumpkin," or "marshmallow." And then they take turns seeing who can come up with the silliest name.And after that they made S'mores. Or at least that was the intention. Micah refused to eat them, and instead came inside to get some cheese crackers. Conner only ate one. He was much too busy roasting the marshmallows to take the time to mess with the chocolate and graham crackers, too.

Then they made the hot chocolate. It was a very big deal, and they had lots of fun making it...but no one actually drank it!

Conner even got to sit in the tent and read by lantern light for a little while.The only casualty of the day has been Joey's face -- and that happened way before the camping trip began.Well, as of now it's after eleven 0' clock, and everyone's doing good, sleeping soundly. (Joey has been in the house in his bed for several hours now -- he was just out playing with them while they were getting everything set up.) I'll try to update in the morning...

6:30am update: The campers have returned. Conner is in the shower getting ready for school, and Micah is watching Mickey Mouse Club House. It looks as though they had a blast. We are still shocked that they slept so well and made it through the whole night outside. It's definitely a do-again-er!!


BooBoo said...

too, too cool!
Love you! MOM pfu,wpfy

Gammie said...

Oh what fun! So exciting yet a little sad...I'm sure Bret is extremely happy they are big enough to camp!

Jeremy said...

Kaden LOVES backyard camping! I can't wait to take him on a real trip.

BTW - Conner appears to love the watermelon but I'm not so sure he likes you taking a picture of him... :)

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, Jeremy! I obviously had not noticed that!!

Amy said...

What a fun time!! One of those things they'll talk about for years!!

Lee and Michelle said...

Fun times!!! Can't wait until mine are old enough to give it a try.