Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Micah's Turn

Yesterday Conner had a "pretend birthday party" at school. He got to pick out special plates and napkins, he got to pick what kind of cupcakes I made, he had a party at school. And all of this when it wasn't really even his birthday. Who in Micah's position wouldn't ask for a pretend birthday party, too? And what Mommy with a sweet tooth wouldn't take that opportunity to make some more cupcakes?! :) was Micah's pretend birthday party. He chose blueberry Spiderman cupcakes with sprinkles. (Yep, used the muffin mix again!)Everyone had to eat their spaghettios and oranges for lunch...and then it was party time! We even had just enough batman plates and napkins from Conner's party left, and found some party hats left over from something else. The cupcakes were delicious.

(Thank you, photographer Conner.)

Conner and Micah even ate some of the blueberry part, and not just the icing. Grace was too cute. She ate all of her icing with her dainty little spoon. (After I took her party hat off for her, that is!)Joey just stuck his thumb in his cupcake and then ate it that way. It was as though we had our own Little Jack Horner.And then, instead of party blowers like Conner, Micah had chosen party horns. What fun!Happy pretend birthday, Micah! If I were a good mom, I'd probably do another pretend birthday party for Joey tomorrow. But tomorrow is Conner's preschool graduation, and I think I've got my hands full enough with that. Sorry, Jo-Jo...maybe another day!


Heidi said...

and I just love Gracie's bib in the picture!! you can tell she is in a house of all boys!! too fun!

BooBoo said...

Awww...those babies want to make those horns make noise so badly!

...and to finish out the Little Jack Horner rhyme..."what a good mom are (you)!"

Love you and hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day with Conner's graduation and the family coming in!
MOM pfu,wpfy

Lee and Michelle said...

Joey is too cute with his thumb in his cupcake! Yep I agree you are making the most of these years;) Mom of the week award goes to you!

Amy said...

What an amazing mom!! 2 pretend parties in a row! 2 nights of special cupcake making! Seriously... your children are blessed! Love all the pics, too!