Thursday, May 14, 2009


Bret just sat down next to me, watched me type the title, and said, "Oh, is this it?!"

Yes, this is it. This is the blog post about Mike.

Some of you have already "met" him, others of you have just heard stories. Unless you were on your toes (like Heidi!), you may not have realized that Micah was not talking about a real person. And if you do happen to be one of those lucky people who has encountered Mike, you have more than likely asked for further information.
So I would like to introduce you to Mike, Micah's imaginary friend -- who happens to be a very real part of our lives. It all started when we moved...
When we first moved back to Texas seven months ago, Micah seemed a little confused when asked, "Where do you live now?" He would always answer, "Woo-zee-anna" -- and if you ask him today, that is still his answer. I don't know if he's really still confused, or if that's just become the thing he's supposed to say...but it is what it is.

In the past couple of months, Micah has begun to tell us more and more about his life in Woo-zee-anna. He has a house there, and a friend/little brother who lives in that house...but is here with us in our house on an extended playdate.

I have thought and agonized and planned and researched (via listening and watching Micah) as how to best explain Micah's little imaginary world and friend. And I still just don't think that I can do it justice. The best thing I know to do is to give you a bulleted list of facts that we've learned about Mike and Micah's house in Woo-zee-anna. Many of the details change, depending on the current circumstances in the real world -- but these are (some of) the constants, that seem to remain true no matter what else is going on.

Please let me stress that in my research, I have learned that Micah has more than just an imaginary friend. He has an imaginary house. Mike is just an integral part of this little imaginary world.
  • Sometimes the house in Woo-zee-anna is Micah's, sometimes it is Mike's. But they both live there. They are just on a playdate at our house.
  • When Conner comes home from school and talks about all the fun things he did there, Micah is right on his heels with a story about something similar that he did at his school -- at his house in Woo-zee-anna.
  • Micah has everything he ever wanted at his house. Anything he sees on a commercial, at the grocery store, reads about in a book, or hears someone talk about -- "I have that at my house in Woo-zee-anna."
  • There are all kinds of snacks at Micah's house in Woo-zee-anna. Goldfish with gummy bears inside, apple pie, yellow crocodile candy -- and of course anything that he wants at the grocery store but his mean ol' Mommy won't let him get.
  • There are lots of costumes -- SpiderMan, Batman, the addition to some unique ones, like a candy cane costume, an underwear costume, a clock costume, and a house costume.
  • Micah always has a "suh-gwize" (surprise) for me at his house. It's always something that he would want, and it's always pink. He's told me about a pink rock, a pink ball, a pink SpiderGirl, you get the idea...
  • There are bounce houses at this house. One of them has mushrooms in it, like in Mario Kart. One of them turns into orange jelly beans with peanut butter inside. The other ones change around.
  • When Conner comes home from school talking about the funny things that his friends said and did, Micah always has a similar story about something that Mike did.
  • Mike used to be bad. He was always hitting people, talking ugly, always in trouble. But one day Micah decided that Mike was going to be good. And he has been ever since.
  • Mike has scary eyes -- but they're only scary to Conner. They have bats and spiders in them.
  • Mike used to be in Micah's tummy. He read a lot of books when he was in there.
  • Mike is 300 years old and in Kindergarten.
  • Mike is very strong. He can lift houses and trees and cups. Mike will never die because he's made out of metal.
  • Mike can walk on walls and ceilings without falling.
  • Mike has hair all the way down to his bottom.
  • Mike seems to like everything on Micah's plate that Micah doesn't want to eat.

Last week, Micah informed me that Mike would be coming over for lunch that day. We needed to have corn dogs and strawberry milkshakes. I kind of thought that this might be the beginning of setting a place at the table for Mike. So we got ready, we even went to the grocery store and bought some strawberry ice cream. But then Conner got home from school...and Conner found out that Mike would be joining us for lunch...and Micah apparently picked up on Conner's mock-excitement and realized to some degree that Conner was actually poking fun. Mike suddenly changed his plans. He'll come on another day -- but we don't know when yet. I have a feeling that none of us will ever actually get to meet Mike. At least not with Conner around!

Micah drew a picture of Mike for me yesterday. He drew in red, and I tried to label it, but I don't think you can read what I wrote. :(

Mike's name is at the top: MCiAH. (Strangely simiar to Micah's!) The scribble directly below the "AH" is Mike's balls. I hope and assume that Micah is referring to toy balls here! ;) The line going to the bottom of the page is Mike's hair that goes all the way down to his bottom. The circle beneath it is the hat to the candy cane costume. And the other scattered circles are random body parts and toys.

So there you have it. That's Micah's house in Woo-zee-anna, and that's Mike. That's about the best I can describe Micah's little imaginary world.

Sounds like classic middle-child syndrome, doesn't it?! There's a large part of me that thinks all of this is cute and funny and normal. (Well, at least not abnormal.)

...but there's another large part of me that wonders what in the world I've done/haven't done for this poor child so that he has to go to an imaginary house 600 miles away to be happy. I just feel so guilty. Have we already moved around too much in his three short years of life? Am I just not cutting it as a mom of three? Am I not giving everyone the quality, positive attention that they need? Is he really suffering from "middle-child syndrome?" How can I fix it? My poor sweet Micah got stuck with me as his mom.

I know, I know...most of that is crazy talk. Most days I'm able to at least mostly squash those feelings. But some days I just can't. It makes me feel a strange kind of kinship with Mary. After several days of "anxiously searching" for the boy Jesus that they had accidentally left behind (Luke 2), his answer was, (in what had to have been, it seems to me, a polite-Jesus way of saying) "Duh!" She had just been reprimanded by her twelve-year-old, yet Lord of a son, and she knew she was up against more than she could handle alone. I'm sure she couldn't have understood, yet it says that she "treasured all these things in her heart." It was Mary's way of trusting that everything was going to be okay.

So Micah, I promise I do my very best to be the mom that both you and your brothers deserve everyday. And I know that I fail all of you often. But it is because of the strength, wisdom, and patience that God gives me that I make it through everyday with you guys. I can't do it alone, I just have to trust that it will all be okay. Micah, I don't understand it, but I am so thankful for every opportunity to see your imagination at work, for each little chance that I get to know you better. I treasure all these things in my heart. I love you, and I'm so blessed to be your Mom -- guilt and all.


Bret Wells said...

That is not the face of a kid that feels overlooked and forgotten...

I'm thinking you're both gonna do just fine. :)

BooBoo said...

Absolutely, Bret!!
but I know all those doubts, misgvings, etc. go along with parenting...Thank God that God is in control!!
Love you!

Rachel said...

You guys are right. Thanks.

Heidi said... are an incredible Mom! I think those feelings are part of being a mommy because I feel the same things VERY often. Don't forget how awesome you are!!

Amy said...

Rachel you brought tears to my eyes! And again, I agree with Bret. And Heidi.