Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another Dr. Wells in the Making

I would like to dedicate today's blog post to my sweet and wonderful husband, Bret. I mention him often, but it is rare that he gets an entire blog post! :)

Bret was officially accepted into the Doctor of Ministry (the evangelism track) program at SMU. On June 15th, he will officially begin his classwork -- which will consist of 2-3 weeks each June and January for the next three years. That means that in about a month, he will be out of town for a week, come home for a working weekend, be out of town for a week, come home for a working weekend, and then be out of town for another week. Ummm...yeah. I'm betting we'll be at the grandmas' houses some during all of that!! And then we'll do it again in January, and again in June, etc...

In between those times he will, of course, be very busy reading, researching, and writing papers -- all while coninuing to be a husband, father, and church planter/pastor. I don't understand it, but that seems to be heaven for him. He is happiest when he has some kind of outlet for that busy and brilliant mind of his.

So, he got the list of books he will need for the first classes and ordered what he could online. (A few of the books are so old and unknown that even Amazon.com does not have them -- he will have to go to the bookstore at SMU to procure those.) They arrived today. It was kind of crazy that so many of them arrived on the same day -- seven boxes containing a total of 14 books. He is so excited.Yeah, I know. He doesn't look excited here. But what in the world kind of expression are you supposed to make when your crazy wife says, "Hold up all those books so I can take a picture!" I promise, he was so excited he could hardly contain himsef.

And Conner, a little Bret in the making, was excited, too. He went to his Daddy's bookshelf, picked out a book, and then plopped down on the couch to read, too.

The Disciple Making Church is not exactly what you think of five-year-old's reading, but this one does.

So Bret, congratulations, Babe! I'm so proud of you, excited...and a little scared. But I'm confident that if anyone can take on this task, and continue to juggle it all so well, it is you. I love you.


Rachel said...

It occurred to me this morning that, if I am truly dedicating this post to Bret, I should probably explain the title. I can see how "Another Dr." could be understood to be referring to Conner here. But it's not -- Bret's dad is Dr. Wells. He's a chiropractor. Here, it is Bret that is the next Dr. in the making. (And who knows, maybe Conner will follow suit, as well...)

BooBoo said...

"Wow!" That's all she could say was, "Wow!"

--one of the Kevin Henkes books--
(kind of a stark contrast from the minds you have described in your post!)

Know that you and the boys are welcome anytime!

And I haven't done a word verification update in a while--none have "spoken" to me, but today, in light of your having to comment on your own post to clarify the title's meaning: "beluepr"
Guess you made a "beluepr!" (but you fixed it nicely!)
Love, MOM pfu,wpfy

Tiffany said...

first--YAY bret! second--bret's smile looks like one we see in many pics of conner--or u guess conner looks like bret...and finally--the pic of conner makes him look so grown up... when did he get so long?

Gammie said...

I can see Bret jumping up and down yelling "my books are here, my books are here"...hahaha. I know how excited he gets. Congrats again we are so proud of you.

our doors are always open!

Bret Wells said...

Silly mother...I didn't jump.

Rachel said...

He only didn't jump becase his hands were full of books and he didn't want to drop them! :)

And an update: those 13 books came in seven packages yesterday. Two more came today...maybe he'll be able to jump better if he's only holding two! ;)