Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mommy Joy

Hearing Conner read

Seeing Micah’s imagination at work

The way Joey hugs me when I “rescue” him

The way Conner likes to cuddle

The way Micah smiles when I say, “Don’t smile!”

How excited Joey gets when he sees a cat or a dog

Conner’s jokes and word games

Micah’s “gwicks” (tricks)

Joey’s curiosity and adventurous spirit

Conner’s snaggletoothed grin

Micah's crazy cowlick

Joey’s baby pot belly

Playing peek-a-boo


Soft baby skin

Little boys in nothing but their diaper/undies

Being reminded of how cool stuff like mud is



The look in my kids' eyes when they’ve made something for me

Waking up to happy baby sounds

The way sleepy babies melt when you give them a bottle

That I can understand the toddler-speak when no one else can

That my kiss on an owie can make it all better when someone else’s may not

I always have three excuses for being late, having a messy house, being overweight, having snacks in my purse (one of the causes of the preceding reason!), and playing with markers

Family dinner when everyone likes what we’re having, there’s no fighting, and not much mess to clean up

Watching Bret be a Dad, watching our parents be grandparents

Hearing my kids pray

When my adult-faith learns something from my kids' innocent child-faith

The community I have found in other young moms

Having a sense of purpose in life and being needed

As a card I got in the mail the other day read, “You were handpicked by God to share your faith with a captivated audience.”

I love being a Mom.


Lee and Michelle said...

And you're one of those great ones!

Bret Wells said...

Happy Mother's Day Babe.

As Micah said yesterday, "Your the best Mom in whole world. You should take a bubble shower."

You deserve it!


Heidi said...

Happy Mother's Day! You are an awesome one!!

BooBoo said...

...and I love watching you be a MOM...You are a wonderful one! Glad you had a good mother's day...
Love, mom (I'm the lowercase mom today...You deserve the uppercase!)