Sunday, March 1, 2009

The 1st-3rd-2x25th-29th-30th-81st Birthday Party

Yes, we had a big party last night. Seven people have birthdays in February or March on my side of the family, so we decided to just have one big party.Here's the birthday boys and girls. Let's see if I can do this: Josh (my cousin) turns 25 on 3-5, Josiah turns 1 on 3-8, I turned 30 on 2-27, Jodi (my sister) turns 25 on 3-12 (yes, she and Josh are only one week apart in age...everyone used to think they were twins), Micah turned 3 on 2-10, MeeMaw (my grandmother) turns 81 on 3-12 (yes, she and Jodi share a birthday), and Ira (my brother) turns 29 on 3-29 (yes, he and I are only 13 months apart). Whew! Don't ya just love big families?

Following, you'll find some pics with a little commentary on the "goings-ons." And consider yourself warned -- this is a very picture-heavy post! This was a big deal in our family, gotta document it well! :)

We did it up right with helium balloons and everything. Christian loved having Tootsie blow the balloon up and then watch it fly all over the place when she let go of it.
Conner was doing the same thing as Christian and Tootsie, and Micah just walked around with a balloon in his mouth like this for a good portion of the evening.
Joey was the one that was in love with the balloons that were actually floating, though.
That baby-fine hair got full of static pretty quick!
Conner, Micah, and Christian played soccer and frisbee in the backyard while Dad and Ira grilled the burgers and dogs. Conner learned that you are not supposed to catch frisbees with your face!
Then when it got too cold, the ball game moved indoors.Before we ate, we circled up to pray. I hate that this picture is blurry, because I love the idea of it.The adults just found a place to sit somewhere, And the kids had a little hot dog picnic. Josiah mostly just floated around from lap to lap stealing chips, bread, and a few sips of punch. Then, of course, there were a few presents. Micah helped MeeMaw open hers.Conner got an Animal Search Book -- a book of pictures that are crazy-full of animals, with lists of how many of each one you must find. He already had one version, and last night he got a new one. We were so glad that some other people got to take turns helping him!Even with all the craziness, most of us did find some time to just sit and visit.Here's some more pics, just for the fun of it:
Bret and JoeyNurse Aunt Stephy and Nurse JodiStealing some Joey-kissesBalloons are fun!Micah, Lydia, and ConnerJoey had a lot of fun playing with "the other baby in the window."And then there was the one-year-old cake. I realized yesterday morning that Mom had arranged for the birthday cake, but if we were going to let Joey do his thing, we would need one just for him. Luckily, Bret had planned to take the big brothers with him to run some errands, so I whipped up a little something for him. I only had one can of icing, so I decided to use the colored sugar from the King Cake for decoration. Not too bad for flying by the seat of my pants, I thought!
It didn't take him long to get right into it...

And off to the tub!
What a fun evening of family that we also like enough to call friends! Thanks for sharing in our birthdays!


Bret Wells said...

I'm glad we finally had a 1 year-old that TOTALLY got into the messy cake assault! Joey definitely came through for us!

Good job wading through all these pics babe - I know its hard for you old people to navigate these fancy new-fangled technologies!

Heidi said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Isn't a big family wonderful....!

Tiffany said...

I totally agree with Bret--I am sooo glad y'all finally got a messy one!! He was absolutely adorable!!

BooBoo said...

Thanks for documenting the evening so well for us, Rach! It was a great time! Love, MOM pfu,wpfy
...and Joey does represent well how this family feels about food!

Amy said...

I love the pictures of Joey with his cake. I can't believe he's already 1... or about to be! I'm glad you guys are now close enough to your family to have these big parties!! Happy Birthday to you and your boys!!

beccadawnruss said...

Amaya said, "I just love to be with Conner. Could we have a playdate someday?" Her words. Really.

Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

It's amazing how there are certain times of the year when every family seems to have a birthday run. In my family it occurs in October and December. What a great picture of all the birthday boys and girls!!!! Glad you all had a good time!