Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cuckoo-Head Kronkinator

Today was wet and cold and dreary. We so missed the warmth and sun that we've been getting used to! Needless to say, today was not a day that we spent much time outside. But Monday was.

Our neighbors, Ron and Debbie, offered to pay Conner and Micah 50 cents for each grocery bag of pinecones that they picked up. The boys have not taken full advantage of this offer, their interest coming in spurts. But Monday they were interested. They rolled the big dump truck to the back of the house and started filling it up. (Well, mostly it was Conner filling it up...Micah doesn't like the pricklies on the pinecones...)When it got full, Micah pitched in and caught the load.

When the bag was about half-full, their interest began to wane, and they invented a new way to find pinecones. They each got a stick, called a "Kronkinator," which somehow "helped" them find new pinecones....and when this got old, the stepped it up a notch and employed the Cuckoo-Head Kronkinator.But just minutes after this picture was taken, there was a huge fight which resulted in all of the Kronkinators being broken, a bumped head, and a scratched arm. The mean ol' mommy said that was enough of the Kronkinators and pinecones -- yes, even the Cuckoo-Head Kronkinators!

So the bag is still only a little over half full. No, I have no idea where they come up with this stuff... :)


BooBoo said...

Don't you just feel yourself so blessed to be a witness of this child-play? There is nothing quite like it and their imaginations. I'm glad they are getting a chance to REALLY play...
Love you! MOM pfu,wpfy

Word verification update: "fudeckl"
Yes, this story caused me to have a "fudeckl!" (funny-chuckle)

Erica said...

I just wanted to say HI RACHEL! How are you? I am so happy for you. You look like you have your hands full with your little men!!!

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Hollie said...

LOL!!! That's GREAT!! It's not easy being "mom" ;o)