Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Wells Brothers at the Baby Shower

We went to Tiffany's (Bret's sister) baby shower yesterday. Bret stayed home to do some work (including a six-hour premarital counseling session!), and I took all three of the Wells Brothers with me. It was one of those days -- we left at 6:30am and got home at 10:30pm, six-ish hours in the van...

The shower was lots of fun, though. Kaleb will be our first 1st-cousin and we are super-excited! I took the kids to Target with me the other day and let them each pick a little toy for Cousin Kaleb. Conner picked a turtle, Micah picked a monkey, and Joey "picked" a fish. Then they all agreed that Kaleb didn't need any duckie wrapping paper, he would like the pirate wrapping paper much better! :)

What was really cute though, was how proud Micah was. He talked about the presents we had picked during the days leading up to the shower, he helped me wrap, he couldn't wait for his Aggie to open Cousin Kaleb's presents. It's just crazy how much he's grown up in the past couple of months.

It was a good thing he was so excited about all the presents too, because he was also excited about the cake. We even had to call Aggie to make sure that she would be sharing her "party cake" with us. She of course promised that she would...but then we got there and there was no cake! I hadn't even prepared Micah for this possibility because there are always cakes at baby showers! Oops... Bracing myself for the worst, I shared the bad news...but then quickly followed it up with news of the cookies that were there instead. I was shocked (and relieved) that this was okay. And then Aggie started opening presents and Micah forgot all about the cake and cookies. Whew!!

Here's a few pictures...

Strawberries, grapes, cookies with icing, punch with floaty fruit in it...what little boy wouldn't be happy with that?

Even though the shower occurred smack-dab in the middle of Joey's morning nap time, he was out and about in full force, extremely proud to show off all of his new tricks. He did do a little bit of lap-hopping (this is Bret's Granny and Aunt Melissa):
...but mostly he was into everything. He found a little baby doll in the middle of a diaper cake. (Where was that child's mother? I can't believe she let him dig in all of that baby's presents!) This baby doll was obviously something very new and different from anything he had ever seen before. It kept him entertained for quite a long time!But it did eventually get old, so he moved on to the discarded tissue paper:And then he went on to join in on the big kids' card game. (Conner is laying down on top of the cards, screaming for someone to "Get him away, get him away!")Okay, Jo-Jo...back to lap hopping for you!

Tiff had a really cute idea. She has a quilt that her mother made that she has brought to all of her showers. She has asked guests to sign the quilt in place of a guest book. Conner did a beautiful job,but his what-has-always-been-such-cute-just-learning-to-write-handwriting suddenly looked so grown-up next to Micah's-just-learned-to-write-my-name-this-week-signature!That's it on the square with red stripes, if you look closely you can make out all of the letters. On the square below it is the Pokemon that Micah drew while I was helping Joey "sign" the next square over. Oops. Then while I was making sure Micah didn't tackle another square, Joey "signed" his own ear.Aahhh! Enough with the markers! :)

And here's the proud (and ready to not be pregnant anymore) Mommy! Isn't she cute?Oh, and I'll guess we'll include Daddy Kevin too. He was there for a little while, waiting to fulfill one of the Daddy responsibilities of carting the loot out to the car...Kaleb, we can't wait to meet you!


Gammie said...

Yay for grandbabies! They were too cute!!! And of course they were awesome at the shower! We had so much fun! I can't wait to see the boys faces when Kaleb makes his arrival:) They are such proud "big cousins".
After reading your quilt square it finally hit me that you are a "first-time" Aunt. Tif, Kev and Adam have been Aunt and Uncle for so long that it just really hasn't soaked in that although you and Bret are Mommy and Daddy you're both newbies to Aunt and Uncle. haha I can be so slow sometimes ;)
See you soon Aunt Rachel, Uncle Bret and Big Cousins!

BooBoo said...

The quilt-signing is a great idea! You're right, Conner's signature is so grown-up; but aren't we proud of that Micah! Way to go, dude! Pretty mean-looking Pokemon, too! Love, MOM pfu,wpfy

Lydia said...

Micah! You are so big!! I can't beleive you can write your name AND you look so tall in those pictures! - and Conner, you are big, too... even your shoes look big. You'll both grow so big and tall and be such great cousins for Baby Kaleb!

Love you, too Joey - and Rach and Bret!

Aunt Bubba Lydia