Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rain, Rays, Running, and Trains at the Zoo

We went to the zoo today. The weather has been so nice, we just had to take advantage of it! Today was especially fun because we've finally been to the zoo enough times (since we got our pass for Christmas) that we were able to quickly walk through all the animals at the beginning and get on to some other things we hadn't seen yet. (That's part of the beauty of a zoo pass -- you don't feel like you have to stay all day, so everything is brand new even that much longer!)

Today's destination was the Texas section, Texas Wild. One of our favorite parts was a little museum. They had a interactive-type show for the kids to watch, and it was pretty cool. Part of the show was a rainstorm -- it actually "rained" on us, complete with ping pong ball hail. No really, we got wet enough that I was starting to feel the panic and frustration and anger build up. Any wetter and the nice day outside would have felt awfully cold! The boys loved it though! We found a touch tank in the Gulf Coast area. We got to touch all kinds of things, including a manta ray.After we ate a picnic lunch, we let the boys play on the little playground there. They had a ball -- including Josiah. This was the first time we've been somewhere that he really got to get down and play. We got a little taste of what this summer is going to be like with three of them literally running around all over the place. I would be fibbing to say that I didn't get a little panicked...By the time we were through there, it was obviously naptime, and the zoo was starting to get really crowded. We decided it was time to go, but made sure to ride the train on our way out. I'm not sure, but we may have been the last train ride of the day. It had some pretty major technical difficulties -- like wouldn't go forward but had no problem going backwards. We sat and watched the three college-aged girls trying to figure out what to do for quite awhile before we got going. It was beginning to get quite frustrating so to pass the time we played with the camera:

Still lovin' the zoo pass Gammie and Poppy. Thanks!


BooBoo said...

Hey, love those shoes Joey (the birthday boy!) is sporting. Makes him look really grown up in that picture...yet like such a little guy in that last picture with you. Guess he's somewhere in between...Love you and glad you're getting to do the "zoo thing." What a great gift! Love, MOM pfu,wpfy

Gammie said...

yay for the zoo!!!! I can't wait to go with y'all!
Happy Birthday Josiah!!

Bret Wells said...

So, the "manta ray" was actually a horseshoe sweet Rach the marine biologist...

We had lots of fun! My vote for next week is to go right instead of left at the entrance and see an entire half of the zoo that I haven't been to since I was a kid!

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday, Ryan used to call him!! I hope this March 8th was great!!