Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just Micah at Gammie's

The last time all the brothers were at Gammie's house (sometime in January, I think), Micah asked if he could come to Gammie's sometimes, just Micah, no Conner or Joey. We don't know where this request came from, or how he thought of it -- except that he must be feeling some "middle child syndrome." Of course, we had to make this happen.

So Sunday, Gammie and Poppy drove up and picked up Micah. There were a few tears on Conner's end, but he really seemed to understand that this was something he used to get to do and now it was Micah's turn.

Gammie is so good to upload all the pictures that she takes each night when the brothers are there. I've tried to put together a little picture diary of Micah's week at Gammie and Poppy's.

This is the only picture from Sunday. They picked him up late Sunday afternoon, ate dinner on the way home...I think it's cute and appropriate that this is the only one, asleep in Gammie and Poppy's bed!I think Micah spent most of Monday just kind of chillin' at the house. When Poppy got home from work, they went out and fed the cows. He even got to touch one! (Don't know why these pictures are small...can't do anything to make 'em big...)

Jumping around in the bed of the truck. Conner and Micah love to do this in their Daddy's truck, too.
And a bath -- with a note to Mommy. (Yes, I cried...I missed him so much this time. It's been much harder with just one of them gone than it is with all of them gone!)
On Tuesday Micah took Gammie out to lunch with Aggie. And it looks like there's a new toy at Gammie's house, according to Micah it's "Don't Spill the Beans."Feeding the cows again...
And that night they were off to Chuck E. Cheese...always a favorite with Gammie and Poppy. (Love the side-shot, Tif! You're looking cute!)

Then on Wednesday Micah took Gammie to The Bounce.Later that afternoon, Poppy needed help discing.A freshly disced garden = lots of fun dirt to play in! There's nothing like a refreshing popsicle after all that hard work.
Then they were off to feed the cows again. You gotta get the cubes first, though.

And the cows need water, too.
After they got home and cleaned up, Micah and Gammie set to work making a birthday cake for Josiah. (We were planning to meet them halfway on Thursday, might as well make a party of it! Yes, we're suckers for an excuse for a party...I guess we usually just work it in any time we see family close to a birthday instead of having one huge blow-out. It's so much easier that way...)
And after all that hard work, Micah wanted to watch "just two minutes of TV" before he went to bed...halfway into that, he was toast!
Then today we met Gammie and Micah halfway at the McDonald's in Corsicana. Micah was so very proud of the panda cake he had made for Joey....and the cupcakes.
He was so proud in fact, that when it came time for Joey to "mess it up" there were a lot of tears.
We decided to just give Joey one of the cupcakes instead. "Yummm."

See if you can figure out this three-year-old logic: Micah made the cake for Joey but it was NOT okay for Joey to eat it. We gave Joey a cupcake that Micah made, and that was fine. Then the rest of us proceeded to eat Joey's panda cake, and that was fine, too. Go figure.
The aftermath. (Yes, he was still okay with this.)
The brothers, re-united.
Thank you, Gammie and Poppy for the fun "just Micah" week! We enjoyed some "just Conner" (with Joey tagging along) time on this end, too.


Gammie said...

We had sooo much fun!! is sooo lonely here this morning:( Micah Moo is quite the little rancher. On the way to Corsicana he continued to tell me not to let Poppy forget to feed and water the cows (and just how to do it.
Thank You Micah for all the hugs, kisses, smiles and help!

It really was strange without Conner and Joey though. Even the girls at the Bounce asked where they were.
Tell them to call when one, two or three of them are ready to come back!

I love the St. Patty's Day background!

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, The Bounce! I know there were pictures of that...guess I somehow didn't get them on the blog. I'll try to fix that later today! Sorry...

BooBoo said...

What a wonderful week for everyone involved...(Yes, I remember there was emotional trauma on your end a bit, Rach, but here we are!!) You and Bret have 3 special, special children and are very generous share them "in the flesh" and through this blog! Love you! MOM pfu,wpfy