Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Under Where?

So today I had lunch with a friend. Joey and Micah were with me, Conner was at preschool and Bret was picking him up. The little brothers and I arrived at the Chick-fil-a a few minutes early, we ordered our food, and I sent Micah into the playground. While he was playing, I was getting our napkins, Joey's high chair, etc... About that time, Candace walked in, I hugged her, she told Joey hi -- and all of a sudden Micah was standing there between us with no shorts on. His firetruck t-shirt was tucked into his orange pteradactyl undies, which were twisted only the way a young child can manage when they are in a hurry. "Oh my goodness!" I cried. "Micah, waht happened? Where are your shorts?"

"I can't find the big hole," he said. Hmmm...

Candace and I hurried him back into the playground, where we found his shorts lying on top of his shoes. Apparently he had kind of lost track of what he was doing and where he was. He had just continued to undress after he took his shoes off, and when he realized the error of his ways, couldn't find "the big hole" in his shorts to get them back on.

Ahhh...never a dull moment!

I found this experience particularly humorous because a week or so ago, we were at another restuarant with some friends. I looked over at the kid table, where Conner and Micah and Ryan were sitting (okay, maybe "sitting" is a bit generous! :)) and I saw something on the floor under the table. My second-take informed me that this object looked peculiarly similar to the pair of underwear that Conner had been wearing earlier that morning. I got up, picked up the underwear, decided that these must be ours, and just loooked at Conner. He was still fully clothed -- how in the world could he have taken off his underwear and gotten his pants and shoes back on without us noticing? And why? He insisted that he had underwear on, and when I checked I found that indeed, he did. He really seemed to have no idea where the size six batmans had come from. What a quandry!

After thinking it over and discussing it (and laughing!) with my "colleagues," I decided that he must have pulled everything off when he had gone to the bathroom before we left the house. Then he must have put a new pair of underwear on and then pulled his pants back on, forgetting that the first pair of underwear was still in them. He must have made it all the way to the restaurant with an extra pair of underwear lurking around in the leg of his jeans before they finally worked themselves out.

Yes...never a dull moment!


Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

This is a CLASSIC story - I could see it all clearly in mind, moment by moment. I just don't think girls do that kind of stuff... It's too bad,too as boys sure give you lots to laugh at. (And I got a GOOD laugh from this!) Boys don't exactly multi-task well, huh? I guess that starts at an early age... You gotta love them though. They sure keep life interesting. Thanks for sharing. I needed a good laugh.

beccadawnruss said...

Oh my goodness! Boys are definitely different creatures than little girls! What in the world am I in for?!?!?!?

Tiffany said...

I think Micah might have just had too much Poppy time this past week--Poppy is notorious for walking around with his shirt tucked into his undies!!

Gammie said...

Oh my, I think I've cracked a rib laughing!!!! You paint such a wonderful picture!!!! Thank you! And a special Thank you to Micah and Conner for giving Mommy sooo much great material!
We know Josiah will fall in line very soon:)
This is sooo totally Uncle Adam!

BooBoo said...

Great story! I've got to say that my line of thinking was going right along with the other comments...I'm the mother of 4 children...but 3 of them were girls...just don't think things like this happen with girls! Gotta be that attention to detail and with things "feeling" right. Not too many guys in touch with their feelings, right? Anyway, thanks for sharing such a great laugh...gotta agree with Pam...you make us feel like we were there! Love you! MOM pfu,wpfy

PS...my word verification is "odroy" this time...A kind of dog food? What is the "Great Word Verification" god trying to tell me about my life and dogs?

BooBoo said...

Hey, and where are the pictures to go with this blog????