Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sweet Josiah

Okay. I think I owe my Josiah an apology. I, like nearly any mother of any almost-two-year-old, get frustrated and tired of his constant I-can-do-it-myself-ness and the insatiable curiosity that not only gets him into trouble, but really and truly at times endangers the well being of himself and others.

I am guilty of sharing -- via blog, facebook, email, and personal conversations -- many of the situations we have found ourselves in. Partly because sometimes I think I might go insane if I don't tell someone about it...and partly because, once the dust settles, some of this stuff is really funny!

I am also guilty of not sharing more of the times when this same child can be honest-to-goodness, so sweet I think my hear might literally melt. So indulge me...

Joey gives great hugs -- the kind where he wraps his arms and legs around you so tightly that you could let go of him and he would not fall. Neither Bret or I can leave the house, even just to get something out of the car, without a kiss from Joey. Anytime someone is hurt and/or crying Joey is extremely concerned and quick to offer hugs and kisses. (Well...if he wasn't the cause of the injury, anyway...) He is eager to help me with nearly everything, and those baby blues with the long dark lashes along with that sweet little smile...for all of the frustrations he causes, he is one of the greatest loves of my life.

Last night just after I left his room, hoping he was almost asleep, he got up and stood at the baby gate on the door of his room saying, "Ma-min!" Beginning to get frustrated that he was up, I went to tell him to go lay back down...and then he handed me a blue fuzzy/silky blanket and said, "Micah Softie." Apparently Micah had left it on Joey's bed earlier in the evening, and Joey wanted to make sure that Micah had it so that he could go to sleep. This is the same Joey, who at some point nearly every day finds joy in making Micah cry by taking Softie away. That, in an almost-two-year-old, wellsbrothers kind of way that maybe only the members of my household fully understand, is true brotherly love -- and a sign that under all that other stuff, there is a sweet little heart.

Oh, my Joey-Jo. I love you little man! Hang with us, and we'll get through the fighting and the messes and the hitting and the biting and the dangerous situations you find yourself in. That sweet little heart belongs to none other than the Lord Almighty, and I am confident that He will use it to do marvelous things.

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Lee and Michelle said...

What a wonderful combination Joey is of a little stinker and a sweetheart- and that we know it is by God's delicate and purposeful design.

Bonnie said...

yes, God does have a plan for that little sweetie/stinker. Aren't we glad we're getting to be a part of it? He is absolutely precious!!

Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

I have never even met Joey, and yet I have no doubt he is a perfect two-year-old boy that the Lord smiles on every day and kisses to sleep each night.

No, I am not on Facebook. I plan on trying to start this summer... I hear it's really fun!

MJP said...

I think that all your stories about Joey are great. I know that God has a great plan for him too. Maybe part of that is to make other people smile when we get to hear about him. I think that you are truly blessed.

Marijon Myatt Pernell