Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kitchen Helper

We made oatmeal cookies the other day. Joey, of course, was on my heels the entire time -- "I help!" His favorite parts were the butter,the beaters,and eating the cookies. And by "eating, I mean tearing the cookies up, dropping them in his tea glasses (which were actually mine and Micah's drinks from lunch), drinking the water and mush from one glass, and then spitting it back into the other. Yes, disgusting -- but it kept him busy!
The "Prince Charming" shirt is rather ironic, isn't it?!

Then he helped me wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen -- by making, stirring, and drkinking some "ice soup" and staying out of my way!
(Yes, three different outifts ended up in the laundry because of these cookies...) Thanks for your help, JoJo! We'll work on the right way to eat cookies next time...
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Bonnie said...

What a helper! Only at a small stage in their lives are things like that fun and this is it! Enjoy!