Friday, January 29, 2010

What a Day!

Yesterday started off kind of nice. We had dentist appointments at 9:30 -- early enough that it wasn't worth trying to take either Conner or Micah to school before it was time to go. So we got take a little more time and be a bit more relaxed as we got ready. Nice.

When it was time to go, it was raining. Not pouring, but just raining enough to be annoying. But we got there just in time. This was the first time we'd done dentist check-ups times three. In fact, it was the first time either Joey or Micah had ever had a check-up, and only Conner's second. (Hallelujah for an unexpected turn of events that has recently provided dental insurance for the kids!) Coupled on top of Conner's less-than-positive teeth experience a couple of years ago, and Micah's less-than-positive tooth experience a couple of months ago, I was a little apprehensive about how it would all go. But I'm happy to say that everyone did great!

The Good News: Fifty-three little teeth and no cavities!! Let me say it again -- NO CAVITIES!! That was not what I was expecting to hear, and I was soooo relieved. Also, one of Conner's bottom teeth is finally beginning to get a little bit loose, and Dr. Martin said he will probably loose it around the first part of the summer. Very exciting -- though the Tooth Fairy has visited us several times already, none of the Wellsbrothers has lost a tooth the "right" way yet. And, I was paid a huge compliment that I didn't even know that I was so desperately needing -- the hygienist, while cleaning Micah's teeth, just went on and on about how good a job we've been doing brushing his teeth. In fact, both of the hygeinists and the dentist said more than once, "Mom, you're doing a great job. Keep up the good work." I didn't realize until the tears started falling just how guilty and how self-conscious I am, just how much I regularly beat myself up about having two kids with prematurely missing teeth. For them to tell me that I'm doing a great job, to offer nothing but praise, was pure music to my heart.

The Bad News: "Conner has a lot of growing to do," said Dr. Martin. "What does that mean?" I asked. Well...he went on to explain: Conner's x-rays showed that the permanent teeth in his gums that are getting ready to replace his baby teeth are 2-3 times bigger in size. They are already crowded and overlapping, one of them even at a 45 degree angle. Even my untrained eyes could see that the train wreck growing within his gums is kind of scary. The verdict -- as soon as his six-year molars get good and in (probably in a year or so), we'll begin trying to make some room with retainers or braces or some other kind of orthodontics. Yeehaw.

We didn't go back for the boys' 9:30 appintments until 10:00...and by the time they finished checking all three of them it was 11:30. Conner had missed lunch at school, and it was Joey's naptime. So we went to Taco Bell and ate some cheese roll-ups (a Wellsbrothers favorite) for lunch. Conner was apparently really hungry, and took forever to finish up -- during which time I had an extremely difficult time keeping Micah from rolling around all over the booth and keeping Joey from either crwling under the table or screaming because I was holding him. I know the other folks in the restaurant were very happy when we left!

Then we were off to take Conner back to school. Joey fell asleep on the way there, but then woke up because I had to unload everyone out into the rain (thankfully it was pretty light) to take Conner into school.

It wasn't until we were all inside the house that the bottom dropped out and the rain really started falling. Thank goodness!

But alas, that five minute nap completely sabotaged the normal 2 to 2 1/2 hour afternoon nap. And so Micah and I got to deal with a very tired and cranky JoJo all afternoon...until he fell asleep on the floor of his room about five minutes before it was time to go get Conner again.

So I woke him up again, loaded he and Micah up in the now heavy rain to go get Conner. Thankfully, I had watched the weather, knew to expect this, and had already made arrangements to pick Conner up in carline instead of the normal walk-up pickup.

So we drove to school and got in the carline at about 3:00. The kindergarteners get out at 3:05. We waited and waited and waited...the sky got darker and darker, the thunder louder and louder...finally a teacher came to our window and said that there was a tornado around somewhere nearby. They would not be able to release any students until this threat was resolved. We were welcome to go into the school and wait.

By this time, Micah had fallen asleep. Micah is pretty hard to wake up from a nap, and I wasn't sure how I was going to carry them both all the way into the school. I couldn't get out of the carline, so what should I do with the van? Just leave it there? What about when the weather cleared up and everyone behind me was waiting on me to get myself and gaggle of rowdy boys through the rain, in the van, and buckled up? Was it really that bad, anyway?

I called Bret. He was little mad that if it was bad enough for them to keep Conner indoors, that they in effect left me outside in the bad weather with our other two kids. He got the weather report, and we had pretty much decided that I should probably go ahead and try to go in.

Then it started pouring. I was stuck. For about an hour. Luckily I found a bag of jelly bellies under the seat to keep Joey entertained, and Micah ended up getting a good nap out of it! As it turned out, the storm was pretty fast-moving and over fairly quickly. It had weakened considerably from what it had been when the warnings had originally gone out, so it wasn't too bad. I was glad I hadn't carried the boys through the rain into the school.

When we finally got home, it was time for dinner to be in the oven, and I hadn't been home to get it ready. So I hurriedly threw something together and stuck it in the oven. (Bret wouldn't be home until 10:00 or so...he has a paper due today...)

Then we ate, and started trying to make some phonecalls to sell some cookie dough for Conner's school fundraiser. Joey was so tired at this point, that he was being just plain old mean. Then when I had to abruptly end one of those phonecalls because Micah's head got slammed in the door -- yes, I meant head and not hand -- I decided that even though it wasn't quite bedtime, it Joey had to go to bed.

Why is it that when kids are overtired that have a hard time going to sleep? I don't get it. And Joey was quite unwilling to explain that to me ast night. I read, rocked, laid him on his bed, and walked out the door. Then he spend the next 30 minutes or so standing at the closed door of his room (which he couldn't open) talking, trying to get someone to come rescue him.

Conner and I got the rest of his homework and phonecalls for the night done, and when Joey's room finally got quiet I went to check on him. But I couldn't open the door. Apparently he had gone to sleep on the floor right up next to it...

A little while later I finally I got Conner and Micah to bed about an hour later than I had wanted...or so I thought. Apparently Micah's thunderstorm/carpool nap had sabbotaged his bedtime.

So I gave up on getting anything done for the night, and more than ready to call it a day, set my alarm for early the next morning, and laid down on the couch with him watching TV until we both went to sleep.


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A Blessed Wife and Mom said...

I hope your husband appreciates you, girl! You are such good mom to those boys - they are so lucky! I just read on FB that you and Bret are going out tonight and you DESERVE it!! I hope you two have a great time reconnecting (and enjoying a good steak!).

Rachel said...

Oh, I DO feel appreciated. He offered more than once to come home yesterday...but things usually have to get pretty bad for me to take him up on that when I know he's swamped, too. When he got home and found us asleep on the couch, he took care of what needed to be taken care of and then woke me up and sent me to bed. :)

Bonnie said...

no boredom at the Wells house!