Friday, October 30, 2009


It all started a little over a year ago. Micah was running down the hall one day and smacked his face into the wall. It was his front tooth that took the brunt of the blow, and it was left just a tiny bit bloody and loose. I was worried -- I just knew that it had been irreparably damaged, and would end up falling out in a few days. Afterall, this was only about three months after Conner's tooth injury that ended up leaving him with a snaggletoothed smile. (Don't get me wrong, that little smile is still one of my four favorite smiles in the world. I now think it is really cute. But, the fact doesn't change that he is still supposed to have teeth there, and probably won't for at least another year...) For Micah to lose a tooth prematurely would be about par for the way things had been going for us.

But he didn't lose it. It tightened back up most of the way, and it seemed fine -- except for the fact that every time the child fell or bumped his head, it was his tooth that got bumped! Eventually, the tooth started turning a little bit dark, and I began to wonder if it had been bumped a few too many times.

Then, a few months ago in July, a blow to Conner's head proved to be the sentencing one for Micah's sweet little tooth. When I went to untangling the crying ball of boys on the floor, I discovered that Micah's tooth was out of place. Not by a lot, but it had definitely been hit pretty hard. I pushed it back forward, the bleeding eventually stopped, and the next day I called the dentist.

Micah had some xrays done, and we discovered that his tooth had been damaged. The root had already been decaying (which is what baby teeth do when they come out naturally) for some time now, even I could tell that on the xray. We were given the option of trying to save it, but I am just not one to drop $1000 bucks into a baby tooth that will fall out in a few years anyway. Don't get me wrong, I understand that is the right thing for some people to do -- just not us, not now. So, we were told, either the tooth would eventually become loose enough that it would fall out on its own, or it would abscess (get infected) and need to be pulled. And it would probably happen before Conner's new front teeth grew in. Eventually, two of the Wellsbrothers would be missing teeth prematurely.

Well, the dentist was right. Wednesday evening, Micah fell and hit his face on the floor. These days, every time the child falls and hits his head, I just know that this was the one that finally knocks the tooth out. But Wednesday wasn't it. He didn't hit his tooth this time, it was his lip. And as I was looking at it to see where the blood was coming from, I saw an angry looking blister on his gums above his injured tooth. It looked exactly like what the dentist had told me to be watching for.

So I called the dentist, he said yes, this was it. He said that if we wanted to, and it was loose enough, we could just try pulling it ourselves. I hung up the phone in tears and waited for Bret to come home. My Micah Moo was going to be a snaggletooth, too. (No way in the world that I was going to be able to do this!)

Long story short -- it wasn't loose enough for Bret to pull it. I sent Micah to school Thursday morning and made an appointment to take him to the dentist in Glen Rose (the one that I grew up with) as soon as his Halloween party was over. My heart broke when the school called around 11 to tell me that Micah was lying his head on his desk and complaining of a tooth ache. I went up there to give him some Tylenol, let him stay for the rest of his party, and then we were off to the dentist.

Micah couldn't have been back with the dentist for more than 6 or 7 minutes. And I could barely hold myself together when he came back into the waiting room with his softie in one hand and a ziplock containing his tooth in the other hand. A big wad of guaze was in his mouth where his tooth used to be, and his face was expression-less. He looked like he had no idea what to think about what had just happened. We had done our best to prepare him, but apparently it still was not what the poor little guy was expecting, and he was kind of in shock. I couldn't get him to say anything to me except that he didn't want the gauze in his mouth because he wanted to suck his thumb. He fell asleep in the car about ten minutes later.

Two and a half hours later, at Mom's and Dad's house, SnaggleMoo woke up, and he still wasn't talking, wasn't smiling or anything. I was getting worried. Would I ever see a glimpse of that wonderful smile that was truly one of the lights of my life? :*( What had just happened?

But gradually, as he really started waking up, the old Micah Moo came back. The missing tooth was a secret though, and he didn't want to talk about it, and certainly didn't want anyone taking any pictures. But I still managed to sneak a few...and just before we left to come home he told BooBoo and Yogi his "secret." By the time we got home, he couldn't wait to tell Daddy and Conner.

And then when he woke up this morning, he looked under his pillow where he had left his tooth last night, and discovered that the Tooth Fairy had come.

Dear Micah,

Wow. You are the bravest 3 ½ year old that I know! You were such a BIG boy at the dentist office yesterday! Thanks for leaving me your little tooth. I will add it to my tooth collection – on the shelf right next to Conner’s.

Please be careful with all those other teeth, though! I love it when I get to add teeth to my collection – but those teeth in your mouth make the most beautiful 3 ½ year old smile in the world! I don’t want them until they get loose on their own and the grown-up tooth is ready, okay?

You still have the cutest little smile though. You and Conner are definitely brothers. Keep smiling that beautiful smile, keep playing and enjoying being a little boy, but BE CAREFUL with the rest of those teeth, mister!

Here’s a dollar. I heard that you were really hoping for candy, but sorry – I’m the Tooth Fairy, and it’s against the rules for me to leave something under your pillow that’s bad for your teeth. I bet though, if you ask your mom, she’ll take you to the store and you can buy some candy with this cool dollar!

I love you, but I hope that I won’t be back to see you for 2 or 3 more years!

The Tooth Fairy

That smile right there tells me that everything really going to be okay. :)


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CB said...

LOL! Love it! Bless his little heart! He does look supercute though and I love the snaggle brothers!

Gammie said...

He is tooo adorable!
we are so proud of you Micah moo! and Yay, you did get a dollar!
great big hugs and kisses, we love you and miss you bunches and bunches, muuuuuaaaaahhhhhhh!

A Blessed Wife and Mom said...

What a sweet post! Reed also has a snaggletooth - he and Grae hit heads a couple of years ago and his teeth have never been the same! :) Oh the joys of little boys!

Bonnie said...

sure love those precious boys! (and their precious mother...)

Heidi said... least they'll have great stories to tell and laugh about in years to come. What a creative Mom to come up with the note from the toothfairy!!

Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

Sooo glad you got a picture of both of your snagglemoos together. You should frame it or put it on your Christmas card with the words, "All we want for Christmas are our two front teeth..."