Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sick Day

Yesterday was Conner's first sick day home from school. After some fever the day before, he woke up yesterday vomiting. Ick.

He was not excited about missing school though. Yesterday was supposed to be Mrs. Scarpello's first day back, and he was really looking forward to seeing her. But things were all better when he found out that he would get to spend the day on the Transformer Couch, watching TV and movies (just like I got to do on sick days when I was a kid). And, it would be just me and him at home that morning, since Micah would be at preschool and Joey was going to Aunt Jodi and Uncle Robert's.

Bless his heart though, he just couldn't keep his little 101-degree eyes open for much of the morning...
But by the time the afternoon rolled around, a good dose of Tylenol kicked in, the fever went down, his appetite returned, his brothers were home...and he was up running around and bothering them.

So today when I went to wake him up, before he even opened his eyes he whispered, "Please don't be sick again, please don't be sick again, please don't be sick again. I really want to see Mrs. Scarpello!" He was in luck -- the fever was still gone, his color was back, and we sent the kiddo to school today.

He ended up having a great day, and though we're going to miss Mrs. Burton (the long term sub, who had been his teacher for about 12 weeks), I think having his regular teacher back was all he had hoped for! :)

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Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

Poor guy! Being is sick is hard on the kid and the mommy's heart! Glad he rebounded and ended up with a better day. His love for his teacher is precious!!!!!! I am sure she loves him, too.

Bonnie said...

So glad Conner didn't have a long-lasting bug; so glad the others (and you) haven't seemed to have picked the bug up; and so glad Mrs. Scarpello is back! All in all, not a bad ending!