Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mrs. Scarpello and a Kindergarten Update

About three weeks into school, Conner came home from school saying that he had a substitute that day. I didn't really think anything about it. Then he said the same thing the next day, only this time he added that she had gone to visit her husband. I still didn't really think anything about it. Until he came home the next day and said that he still had a substitute. This was a Monday, meaning that if Mrs. Scarpello was sick, this was the fifth day. If she was on a trip, this was a long trip for this close to the beginning of school for a kindergarten teacher. But whatever. I guess it's not really any of my business...

And then I found the note in Conner's backpack. Mrs. Scarpello's husband, in his early 40's, had had a series of seizures and strokes and was in neuro-ICU. The situation didn't sound good at all, and the note didn't really offer much more information. It only said that it was a day-to-day thing, and they would keep us informed as appropriate. I later learned through the mom-gossip-grapevine that it was questionable if he would live through this, and if he did, he would experience some pretty devastating physical effects.

After two weeks -- thankfully they had the same sub all of this time! -- we received a note that said that Mr. Scarpello was still in neuro-ICU, and that Mrs. Scarpello was taking a Family Medical Leave of Absence. The new, certified and experienced, long-term sub would be starting the next day, October 1st.

We have been pleased with Mrs. Burton. She has now been Conner's teacher longer than Mrs. Scarpello was, and after so much limbo so early on, we just now feel like we're really getting into a routine. In fact, it was Mrs. Burton who finally helped us figure out just what we're dealing with where Conner is concerned. She got a reading specialist in to visit with him, and we've discovered that this little kindergartener is actually on a high fourth grade reading level! (Yes, I'm bragging now. :) Mrs. Burton is working with us and the G/T teacher, trying to get Conner started on some special things to keep him busy and out of trouble. Hopefully we'll be sharing some good news about Mrs. Scarpello's return around the beginning of the year...

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A Blessed Wife and Mom said...

Whoa - a FOURTH GRADE READING LEVEL??? That is amazing!
I'm glad that Conner is doing so well with all the change that has come in his first year of school. It's a lot for our little ones and he seems to be adjusting well to some crazy circumstances!