Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year's!

We didn't get to the fireworks on New Year's Eve...we did them on New Year's Night instead! That was better anyway, because Uncle Robert, Uncle Chris, and Bubba were able to join us!

Conner loved the sparkler things.Micah was a little slower on the draw, but when he figured it out, really liked it. The head lamp from his stocking was pretty cute!Joey didn't quite know what to think about the "booms," and really didn't like being cold. But we did manage one little smile before I gave up and took him in to watch from the window. I love this picture:
Sorry boys, we don't have any more. That's all $20 would buy. No, we can't do any more tomorrow. I know they were awesome, but now we have to wait until July 4th...
Happy New Year's everyone!

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