Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Few Hours Off

Bret and I got a few hours off last night and today. Micah's birthday is coming up, and as their gift to him, Bubba and Uncle Chris invited he and Conner to spend last night with them. Then they took them to the newly re-modeled Children's Museum in Fort Worth this morning. So I made arrangements for Joey to spend the night with Mom and Dad (the museum-goers will be able to enjoy themselves much more if they're not having to keep track of a crazy toddler, too), and wa-lah! The evening to ourselves!

So we went out for steaks last night to celebrate our anniversary. We knew when we chose to get married two days before Christmas, that it would be next to impossible to celebrate on our actual anniversary, especially once we had kids. Guess what -- we were right. :) We don't even try anymore. So we were thrilled that the opportunitiy presented itself only a month later!

After our delicious and highly anticipated steaks from Saltgrass, we got our desserts at WalMart and took them home to eat them while watching a movie. And we were asleep before ten. We're an exciting bunch, huh? :) But it was exactly what we needed -- and wanted -- to do.

I spent this morning working on a project for Mission Alive, and then spent the afternoon making six batches of chicken and squash casserole for the Spies/Conner casserole exchange next weekend. (More on that coming soon.) Bret spent the morning doing some of his stuff that's hard to do when the kids are running around crazy. It was nice.

But alas, late afternoon did arrive...Bubba and Uncle Chris brought Conner and Micah home...and we met Mom and Dad halfway to pick up Joey...and now we're home and back to normal...

Thanks to Mom and Dad and Bubba and Uncle Chris for a much-needed, greatly-appreciated few hours off!!

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Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

Oh, how anniversaries change when kids come into the picture. It sounds like you guys had a wonderful sans kids evening together though, and isn't that what anniversaries are for? So glad you two celebrated in your own special way. Who says you need to have a MAJOR event planned each year? Steak, dessert and a movie at home sounds really nice.

Bonnie said...

Happy anniversary!!

word verification: "cozingi" ...kinda sounds like "cozying up" to me! Hope you did a little of that, too!