Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Report

As I mentioned before, we got a few hours off Friday night and Saturday morning. My family -- both sides -- are always so awesome to take pictures of the boys while they're gone and share.

At Yogi and BooBoo's house, Joey got to play the "pee-no." It was MeeMaw's, and is new to their house. The Wellsbrothers love it.

Where's Pee-no? There's Pee-no!

Let's boogie! At one point, Mom says she thought she heard a whole flock of ducks in the living room. When she went to investigate, she discovered that Joey had found Yogi's duck call.
Lydia even wrote a blogpost about Micah's weekend trip to the museum. It looks like Conner and Micah had fun, too!Thanks again, Mom and Dad and Lydia and Chris!!

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Heidi said...

I am SOOO glad you guys got the chance to go out & just be home alone! I almost enjoy staying at home more (when I am kidless) as opposed to going out!

Bonnie said...

you know...we "suffered" through it! Anytime, precious girl, anytime...