Sunday, June 20, 2010

To The Father of My Children

I wanted to write a Father's Day post this evening...and was looking back through our life in pictures that I put together last year on Fathers Day...and this is where I ended up...

The past few years have been filled with challenges of one kind after another. We gone through the loss of family members, moves, job changes, financial struggles, all kind of stuff. And just when we think it can't get any harder, we're thrown another curve ball.

Bret amazes me with the way he is always in tune with God, not only able to hear His voice...but when that voice is trying to be drowned out by so many other voices, the wisdom of God so easily confused and contradicted by the wisdom of the world, Bret is also able to decipher what it is that's being asked of him.

Bret is a highly gifted man, so a lot from him is asked. Constantly. And he amazes me even more with the conviction and energy he has to follow through with all that he feels God has called him to do.

A little over two years ago he gave up relatively well-paying, fairly stable job with benefits...for the not-so-well paying, much less stable calling of planting churches. Since then he's begun work on his doctorate degree at SMU Perkins (he's presenting his doctoral project proposal tomorrow), works several very part time/as needed/on the side jobs, and most recently has become a roofing contractor.

The roofing job has led him to Oklahoma City. Back in May (or was it the end of April?) a series of big storms with tornadoes and very large hail came though and left in its wake a huge opportunity for roofers. He could have stayed here, where there's always a steady supply of homes needing roofs...but he felt God calling him to do the riskier thing and go to OKC. So he stays there during the week and comes home on the weekends. So far it's been really hard, been extremely humbling in a variety of ways, and required a lot of sacrifice...but it's also got the potential to be a HUGE blessing. We're praying hard, and I believe I'll soon have a wonderful report of the blessing that comes from following God's will at all costs.

So Bret, to you I say:

Babe, I miss you. Physically, I miss living in the same home with you during the week. Emotionally/spiritually, I miss the bit of the closeness that is lost when the stress of life and multiple jobs and kids and making ends meet financially threatens to consume. I miss eating dinner as a family every night, I miss letting someone else take a turn to break up the kids' fights, I miss watching you play with the boys, I miss "the milk fairy" bringing home that gallon of milk when we're out, I miss watching TV with another adult in the evenings, I miss that listening ear and long hug at the end of a hard day, I miss the warmth of my friend in bed next to me. I just plain ol' miss you.

But I know that everything you do is because of a higher calling - and because of that, I know it's all going to be okay. I know our family will be stronger for it, our marriage will be better for it, the Kingdom of God will grow because of it.

So thank you. Thank you for loving us in a way that makes you able to put it all on the line for the sake of the Kingdom, yet still able to let us know that after God we're the most important people in your world and you'd do - and have done - anything and everything for us.

Bret, I love you more than words could ever say. Thank you for being my friend and my husband...and for being the most wonderful father imaginible for our kids - by modeling for them the love and life of their Heavenly Father. Happy Father's Day!
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Rachel said...

this is an absolutely beautiful post. you and bret both are so richly blessed to have each other! praying for y'all always.

Lydia said...

geez...i'm balling! good note, sis. Bret's a lucky guy.... and you're a deserving lady

Bonnie said...

yea, I'm crying...
I'm one proud mama...