Saturday, June 19, 2010

1980's Party

We had a 1980's costume party tonight with our church. It didn't do exactly what we had hoped that it would...and it was really hot because the a/c was out...but we saw some really encouraging things going on, and the few of us that were there had some good fun!

Conner really played up his new mohawk - one of the sleeves from my cut-up tshirt fit on his head perfectly, we found a clip-on pirate earring in the toybox (thank you, Bubba and Uncle Chris!), and he even let us put a little "punk rocker" makeup (thank you, Aunt Jodi!) on his face.Add a guitar, and we've got a little Billy Idol-type star in the making! :)Micah heard that it was a costume party, and his mind was immediately made up - he was wearing his spiderman costume, and not nothin' or nobody was gonna change his mind!
Bret did a pretty fantastic job of turning a disposable paint suit, backpack, and whirlpool hose into a ghostbusters uniform.
For myself (sorry, the family pic above was the best one we got), I was bound and determined to do something pretty simple, without spending a dime. I cut up one of Bret's old big tshirts (which, by the way, said "," which I thought was pretty funny!), tight-rolled my jeans, pulled my hair up in a side ponytail, and overdid some blue eye color. (The blue eye color, by the way, is part of Mary Kay's new summer line and was actually a very pretty color. I can't wait to try it "for real." My little sis sells it -

Joey was more than happy in a tshirt, shorts, and his rubber boots...which was great with me because I was pretty much out of energy to dress anyone else up!

At the party, there was lots of karaoke. Well...kind of, anyway. The adults sang a couple of songs before the kids took over - first singing some 80's songs and then completely overthrowing the party with ABC and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star songs. Conner was pretty funny - just couldn't stop looking at his cool punk-rocker-self in the mirror while he was singing.
Joey did a fantastic and hilarious job of singing Just Beat It, and Micah spent more time alternating between being shy and hamming it up for the camera than he did singing.
Then there was "the band," rocking out to the music while we sang...
Another fun thing I did was make a cupcake "pepperoni pizza" - installment #2 of the summer cupcake project. But this one I did myself - the boys have their hearts set on making panda cupcakes next - and I was fine with that. Except I can't do anything without getting help from them in some form or fashion!

While I cut 15 feet of red fruit by the foot into 1" circles (the pepperonis), Micah and Joey "helped" with their own scissors...
and while I cute up Oreos to fill in the holes between the cupcakes (so that the "sauce" wouldn't fall through) Joey helped himself.But the finished product turned out so good that I'm not even feeling the need to show you the "what I was going for" pic! :)

Light brown icing crust, red icing sauce (looooooooooots of Wilton red paste to get it red and not pink!), raisinets and crumbled Little Debbie's brownies for sausage, grated white chocolate for cheese, fruit by the foot cut into circles for the pepperonis, and a light dusting of cocoa powder to make the "crust" look a litle more "cooked."

So even though the party really wasn't exactly what we had hoped, we had a lot of fun both there and while getting ready for it. Thanks to all of our fun friends for all of your hard work!

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Lydia said...

LOVE the pizza cupcakes! It really does look great!

Bonnie said...

I am loving Joey's little look of admiration/approval of his dad as they're watching TV (or something). Precious picture.