Saturday, June 5, 2010

Leonardo DaVinci

I'm not real sure when he first started learning about Leonardo DaVinci. But for awhile now, Conner has been fascinated. Last summer he read his way through the Magic Treehouse series of books for kids, and one of the books was all about Leonardo. Conner especially liked the backwards code that Leonardo sometimes used in his sketchbooks, and has been very interested in dissecting.

Then last fall, Conner began going to see the GT teacher at his school. He was with her one-on-one for a little bit each week, and she let him choose whatever he wanted to learn about during that time. None of us were surprised when he chose Leonardo DaVinci.

Then a few weeks ago, we heard that the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History's Children's Museum had a new exhibit all about Leonardo DaVinci! This was very exciting news, and we quickly decided that would be a great thing to do on our first day of summer vacation. BooBoo even got to come with us!

We had a fantastic time. The first thing we happened upon was a bucket full of parts for building closed circuit machines. It was really cool, I think I could have stayed there for a very long time. But it was a little above my young 'uns heads and it didn't keep their interest long.

So we moved on and learned about chain reactions via marbles, funnels, wooden tracks, clothespins, bells...and of course, dominoes.Micah was very proud of some of the towers he was able to build. Don't you love his little I'm-so-proud-of-myself face? Then there was the magnet wall with movable gears. Joey really liked that one.After that we moved to another room where Conner and Micah experimented with flying paper airplanes (with a super-cool motorized launcher) and making pinwheels, and Joey tried his hand at making some parachutes. He really likes scissors! :)
We also spent some time in the Shadow Box. It's so cool.There were several other DaVinci inpsired activities, but we were running low on both steam and interest. So we ate lunch and moved on to one of our favorite old stand-bys - the water place. My kids love playing out there.
Then BooBoo snuck Conner over to the DinoDig for a few minutes. He was quite the little paleontologist.What a great way to both wrap up the school year and start off the summer! I'm hoping to get Conner back there sometime this summer, just he and either me or Bret, so that we do some of things we had to skip and have the one-on-one we need for him to really get DaVinci-fied. :)

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Awesome place and awesome company that I kept! Thanks for including me!