Friday, June 25, 2010

Basketball Camp, Fossil Rim, and Leonardo's Protege

Conner got to go to basketball camp this week. It was in Glen he got to spend the whole week with Yogi and BooBoo!

This was Conner's first camp of any kind. He was very excited, even though he really didn't know what to expect. And he did great. He made new friends, won several blue ribbons,
and of course, learned a thing or two about basketball!
But the camp was only in the mornings, so he got to do lots of other things while he was there. Right after he got there he got to shoot Yogi's new b-b gun. (Of course, he wasn't pointing it at anyone there, and didn't actually shoot it until he went outside.) And when he did actually shoot it, he was very excited that he hit his target!
Monday was also the Summer Solstice. Supposedly, on this longest day of the year, because of the gravitational pull of the planets or something, an egg will mysteriously stand up on its end. Conner and BooBoo gave it a try, and didn't have any luck. So they did a little research and found out that it's really just a rumor - the way people make it work is by sprinkling a little bit of salt on the surface where the egg is. It's the cubical granules of salt that hold the egg up...and maybe a few crumbs on the countertop for the folks who swear they didn't use salt? :)
Another day they got to go to Fossil Rim. We're so blessed that there are so many cool things to do in Glen Rose - and that Yogi and BooBoo see to it that the boys get to experience them sometimes. Conner got to get up close with a deer (sorry, I have no idea what kind of deer that is), a giraffe,
and even a zebra.
How's that for a sight that a six-year-old little boy would love? :) There were of course, lots of other animals, these were just the highlights. If you want to see the others, you'll have to make it a point to go sometime!

The other cool thing Conner got to do was something he'd been waiting for awhile now. He learned a little bit about Leonardo DaVinci in school a few weeks back, and found out that Leonardo liked to dissect things so that he could learn more about them...and once Conner learned what "dissect" meant, he couldn't wait to dissect something, too! So Yogi promised him that next time he had some chickens that were ready to eat, Conner could help him butcher one. Here's the chicken...
...and I'll spare you the rest of the pictures. Let's just say that the chicken got butchered, Conner got to learn quite a bit about some internal organs...and that we had some great chicken fettuccini alfredo for dinner tonight after he got home! :)

Conner we missed you Bub, but we're so glad that you had such a great time and learned so much. Thanks, Yogi and BooBoo!

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Lee and Michelle said...

Special times with grandparents are awsome. I remember every summer with mine.

Bonnie said...

Special times with grandchildren are awesome, too...
Had a great time...
Love that bug-er-bear!