Monday, June 14, 2010


I mentioned a couple of months ago that we're looking forward to becoming cousins/aunt/uncle again in November...twice!

Well...Lydia and Chris have learned that they are expecting a boy. Yay - love those boys!!!

And then Tiffany and Kevin learned that they are expecting a girl. That's right - a girl! It took us a minute to remember what one of those was...but then when we did, Micah excitedly looked at me, "Mom, we'll get to learn even more! Because girls are smarter than boys. We'll get to learn even more!!"

Congrats to Lydia, Chris, Tiffany, Kevin, and Big Brother Kaleb! We're are praying for safe pregnancies, safe deliveries, healthy babies...and are so excited to meet (and get my haven't-held-a-newborn-in-way-too-long-hands on) Baby-Boy-Name-Yet-to-be-Announced-Robey and Kallie Joann!!

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Bonnie said...

Oh, man! That Micah! Glad Bret wasn't home to talk him outta that one!

Gammie said...

Oh Micah-moo we love you:) absolute priceless moment!!!
Congrats again to Lydia and Chris! We love those lil blues!
girl? girl? did someone really say girl???