Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Herd of Rainbow Walruses

Have you ever gotten a gift for someone that you were so excited about, you simply couldn't wait to give it to them? Well, that's how my mother-in-law Pam was feeling when she bought me these cookbooks as Christmas gifts.

She had seen them highlighted on the news, and said that even the ditzy blonde news anchor who is worthless in the kitchen was able to make these cupcakes. And they're made with simple stuff - cake mixes, canned icing, ziplock baggies, candies you can mostly find at WalMart. She thought it was perfect for us. (So just what exactly does that say about me, anyway?! ;)

And she was right! The boys have been SO excited about making cupcakes. Conner in particular has pored over both books numerous times. Deciding which ones to make first was a very painful and lengthy process - several hundred pages of ideas, three little boys having to agree...and when they finally did decide, did they choose nice summery sunflowers or bugs or watermelons? Of course not. They chose walruses. :)

So we did our shopping, found a good night, and set to work. This is what we were going for:

This is what we ended up with:Crushed oreos for fur, donut holes for heads, cut up oreos for flippers and a tail, strategically cut marshmallow pieces for tusks, and chocolate sprinkles for eyes. The little white dots on his face (The "whisker holes", I guess? What are those called, anyway?) were supposed to be all white, and I actually started to pick a bunch of white sprinkles out of the rainbow ones...and then Joey came along behind me and ate all of the fruits of my tedious we decided rainbow dots would be just fine! :) And they were supposed to all have brown m&m noses...and I already had 3 little packages of them...but believe it or not, out of all three packs there were only four brown m&ms!

So there's our herd of very messy-to-eat, super-sweet, rainbow-whisker-holed, noseless walruses.Both cooland yummy.Thank you, Pam for my early Christmas gift! I'm kind of glad you couldn't wait until Christmas, and I'm looking forward to making lots of cupcakes with my little chefs!

The tentative plan is to try a new kind of cupcake every couple of weeks through the summer. Stay tuned for another random creation!

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Gammie said...

What it is suppose to say about you is-you are a mommy that looks for creative things for your children to do- silly girl! And personally, I like the boys version over the book version!!! So glad it gives y'all something fun and yummy to do together. Enjoy Sweetie! love,hugsandkisses,muah!me

Lee and Michelle said...

LOVE THem!!! SO cute!!! I think I'll suggest this kind of gift to my mother-inlaw to give me! I prefer the rainbow whisker holes too (they're more fun). Looking forward to the next fabulous cupcake!

C Wells said...

so CUTE! i can't wait to use those books too! as always, i love the pictures! it came out really similar to the real ones...good job! i'll have to attempt them and post the pics on my blog too!

Bonnie said...

great gift idea and kuddos to you for the biggest part, Rachel, carrying through and actually making them. (I'll bet that the cupcakes pictured in the book were entirely ADULT made...not nearly as much fun as what you all had!)