Monday, June 28, 2010


We've been swimming so much this summer that we don't hardly know what to do with ourselves when a summer afternoon rain shower comes through. We tried something normal - a movie and popcorn. I even tried to spice it up a little with some m&m's and a Dr. Pepper.

But the wellsbrothers are all boy, and when the movie was over at about the same time as the rain, the call of nature was ringing in their ears.

It took them a minute - is she really letting us do this?

But once they got started, the party was on! And even though the shock of going from the nice, cool, and dry indoors to the sauna awaiting us outdoors caused my camera to fog up

and even though the weird lighting and intense moisture in the air (and camera!) made everything a little blurry, I think I still managed to capture the moment.

It started raining again, so we decided it was time to go in - not because we'd get wet, but in case there was some lightening accompanying the thunder. So I hosed them off outside and sent them to the bathtub...where they crouched on the sides of the tub refusing to get in because "the water is poison!"

I love my little boys! I simply couldn't be a happier signature


C Wells said...

these pictures are great. like cherish for a lifetime great! i love that they didn't want to get in the tub afterwards. they. are. precious. the end!

Gammie said...

A-w-e-s-o-m-e!!!!! I miss the mud puddles and little boys that simply could not walk around them;) Thank you for the pictures!!!!!

Bonnie said...

what a wonderful mom you are...
live, breath, enjoy!