Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Learn Something New Everyday

The first day after school was out, we went to the FW Children's Museum with my mom. Sometime while we were there, Conner got to talking about how he liked to learn something new everyday. And then at another point he was talking about how much he liked to type things on the computer.

So my mom suggested that he keep a journal for the summer, about the new thing(s) he learned everyday. Everyone liked that idea, and as we talked about it, we decided that his journal should be kept on a blog so that he could share all of the new things he's learned with others.

So I got to work when we got home. Conner's blog address is . He chose the title, he chose what to say about himself in his profile, he chose the background, etc. It's pretty cute.

The book he was reading at the time he set it all up was one of a set of four - about insects, fish, reptiles, and animals...thus the title of his blog. And he really likes Disney's show Phineas and Ferb, and just had to include it in the subtitle, in case he wanted to write about something he saw on there one day. He's been determined for everything he's written about to go neatly into one of those categories. But then the other day he decided to add "and other scientific stuff" to his title so that he could include pretty much anything else he might learn!

He hasn't done much of the actual typing though. He's decided he likes it better when he dictates to me and I type. It's just faster and less frustrating that way. What he has discovered that he likes to type on his own, however, is blog comments. Mostly he's stayed on either mine or his, but it's certainly possible for one of you to get a random comment from him on one of your blogs... :)

And while he hasn't written a blog post every day, I really do think he has learned something everyday. He's already written several during the first two weeks of summer. And I must admit - I've certainly learned some new things! :)

This has been kind of a big deal for me - while it's his project, it's certainly a little bit mine, too. With the blog format and the uploading of pictures/videos, etc (which, by the way, have mostly come off of his own little camera!), it's just more than I've been willing to give him free reign with on my computer.

But we've had fun. I'm so proud of him for taking the time to do some research about things that he sees instead of just taking my word for it, and for turning even things like a cool new haircut into learning opportunities. I'm excited to let the rest of the summer's learning unfold!

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Bonnie said...

You got the best-mommy attitude ever!! Love you and am proud of YOU as well as those boys.

Lydia said...

You changed your pictures! i love 'em! ;)