Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Healthy Micah

Micah has been really into being healthy lately. He won't eat anything until he finds out if it's healthy or not...and he still eats it if it's not...but he's really excited when it's a healthy food that he gets to eat. And then after he's eaten the said healthy food, he'll run into the bathroom, examine himself in the mirror, and run back to me to tell me how much he's grown.

We've been using this sudden interest in healthy foods to learn a little about the food groups, and how it's good to have something from each food group at every meal. I've been impressed with myself - I actually do pretty good most of the time! And when I don't, it's kind of nice to have someone else remind me - and for them to be excited about putting one more healthy thing on their plates.

Along with this interest in health, Micah's been exercising a lot, too. He runs in place,
he does "push-ups,"
he "makes his arms stronger."
He will also occasionally throw some sometimes-coordinated-sometimes-not-so-coordinated jumpingjacks in there.
Yes, we've definitely got some work to do on his form in the future! :) And don't miss the seriousness in his face - this is very serious business for him these days. Honestly, what I think is really happening here is a desperate attempt to catch up with his big brother - which might actually happen someday, who knows? And until then, I hope we can keep up this interest in healthy food and exercise! :)

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C Wells said...

so cute! i love it!

Gammie said...

Wow Micah! I think it's working;) You have grown a lot!!!!! and look at all those muscles!!! hugskissesandallourlove!muah!

Lydia said...

that's awesome micah! I can't wait to see how big you get!