Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving in Pictures

Our Thanksgiving plans were made...and then re-made and then re-made again this year. There were a couple of things that we thought we might do that for one reason or another fell through. And the same thing happened for much of the rest of the family.

So we all ended up at Chris and Lydia's house. Jodi just got a new camera, so we pretty much let her be the day's photographer. We didn't get any pictures of the food, but we got plenty of us hanging out later.

My kids were, as usual, glued to any and every iPhone they could get their hands on.
We finally got a picture of BooBoo and Yogi with all four grandkids.Conner declared all of his uncles enemies, and there was a lot of wrestling.
Micah got to hold new Baby Griffin for a few minutes. I love that this pictures captures how proud he was.
The kids played a jumping game that Lydia has. The bar spins, and you have to jump over it. They love this game.
We all spent some time looking at the Black Friday sale ads, but it was the boys who seemed the most intent...and it doesn't look like they appreciated being caught on camera! :)Even though it was cold, the Wellsbrothers spent some time outside. Yes, that it Joey you see flying through the air after the huge ball knocked him over! :)And after all of this, we swung into Bret's Granny and Grandad's house for a little while. Conner thoroughly enjoyed the leftovers - nothing like turkey legs for dinner!Happy Thanksgiving! We have SO much to be thankful for!

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Bonnie said...

It was a lovely day! Thanks for sharing the pictures!!