Monday, November 1, 2010


I don't know about you, but I'm kind of glad Halloween is over. It really seemed to last forever this year. But we of course, made the most of it!

We carved our pumpkin and decorated our gingerbread haunted house. We madeand ate!jack-o-lantern cookies. We trick-or-treated at Bubba and Uncle Chris' house one night, and then at Aunt Jodi and Uncle Robert's another night. Micah and Joey had little parties at their preschools...and that was all before Halloween weekend.

On Saturday Bret got some ping pong balls and battery-operated tea lights to make some glowing eyeballs with the boys. It was all him - he saw the idea in the magazine, went and got the stuff, and helped the boys make them. :) I'm not real sure who had more fun - Joey, the overzealous marker-loving-toddler who was getting to use markers for the first time in awhile (yes, he's been "grounded" from markers lately!)......Conner, who pretended to be a zombie...
...Micah, who didn't want his eyeballs to glow at all, but wanted to glue them on some pictures he drew instead...

...or Bret, who thoroughly enjoyed watching the boys enjoy themselves! Here's the finished products:On Sunday we picked up some fifty-cent corndogs at Sonic, went to a little fall carnival at a local church, and then trick-or-treating with some friends......followed by a little feast of candy when we got home, of course.

Now we've got to get busy eating all that candy before the Christmas candy starts showing up...

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