Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Favorite Pilgrim and Indian

Today we celebrated Thanksgiving at preschool. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it, both as a teacher and a parent. Mine and Joey's classes were Pilgrims, and the four-year-old classes were Indians. They all sang a few songs for their parents.

Micah has been worried about this for weeks. He did NOT want to wear Indian face paint - even if everyone else in his class was wearing it. No really, he was adamant. He woke up everyday asking if this was the day he was going to have to wear face paint, would I please tell Mrs. Pam that he didn't want it. Of course, Mrs. Pam was never going to make him wear it - but after I talked to her about Micah's concerns and told him that she told me he didn't have to if he didn't want to, he was able to relax a little bit. :) And sure enough, Micah was the only little Indian with no face paint...and I'm sure it was no mistake that his headband only had one lonely little feather in it. That's my Micah!Joey was very into the songs and the motions - a picture says a thousand words. :)After the program, we were able to sit down and eat a Thanksgiving meal together - or drink lemonade and balance a macaroni on our lip, as the case may be.Micah Indian and Joey Pilgrim, you make your daddy and me proud! We love you!
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Gammie said...

Awwww! They look so cute! Leave it to Moo to shine in his own special way ;) and JoJo-you are just to cute buddy:)
I thought Mr. Ron and Mrs. Debbie were going to the program:(
Wish I had been there. Did anyone get a video?

Bonnie said...

SO cute! Yes, the pictures speak thousands of words...each little guy with his own personality. So glad Bret was able to be home and a part of the festivities!! I can definitely see why you love those guys!!