Friday, October 22, 2010

Cousin Griffin

Most of you have heard already, but I've got to document it here, too - Cousin Griffin is here!!

Griffin Wayne Robey was born to Chris and Lydia last week on Friday morning, October 15. He was 7 lbs, 6 oz and 18 inches long.

There is quite a little story to his birth, but that's really Lydia's story to tell, not mine. Basically, he was born about 4 weeks early (I know, 7 lbs 6 oz doesn't sound like a premie, does it?!), and his lungs just weren't quite ready. So he spent all of this last week at Cook's. Lydia and Chris were able to join him there on Saturday, and we have all spent this last week loving on the three of them as much as we can. (I don't know if you can tell here or not, but this sweet baby has the chunkiest little legs! The running joke has been that he spent all of his energy getting big and chunky on the outside instead of getting his insides ready. :)

The Wellsbrothers have some special Big Cousin shirts, and Griffin has a tiny Little Cousin shirt. And even though they haven't actually gotten to meet each other yet, my boys were/are so excited about it all that they have insisted on wearing their cousin shirts every time we've gone up to the hospital.(No, she doesn't look like she had a C-section 2 days before, does she?)

Immediately after Micah heard that Griffin had been born, he became very excited and insistent about giving him one of his Softies. I'm still not real sure when or how it happened, but my sweet little blonde baby, that the church nursery workers wouldn't take unless he had his Softie with him :), has stopped carrying him around as much, become embarrassed for people other than his family to see him with Softie, and is now giving them (he's got four that we rotate) away?! It's still a little more than my mommy-heart can take without tearing up. When I went to see Griffin on Wednesday (the first day I got to hold him!), not only was he wearing one of the little outfits that all three of my teeny-tinies wore, but he was wrapped up in Micah's Softie. Once again, a little more than my mommy-heart could take without tears. And then today, after what's probably been the longest week of their lives, Chris and Lydia got to bring their precious little treasure home. The picture they shared is peaceful...

...but I'm praying their nerves will find some peace and allow them some sleep tonight. I remember how scary it was (especially with our first), to lay down and try to sleep, wondering if the baby would be okay, if he was breathing or not. I can only imagine how much more intense those feelings must be after such real and serious breathing issues!

Cousin Griffin, as your Yogi has said, you've treated us to the ultimate in 3-d sonography. We are so excited that you are here, so excited that you've gotten so strong and are doing so well, and we just can't wait until you're strong enough to meet the Wellscousins! Chris and Lydia, congratulations. You done good!

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