Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Yesterday was Columbus Day, and Conner had the day off school. Bret wasn't home, and we needed something fun to do. The weather's been gorgeous, so we should take advantage...and all three of the boys have been really into playing in sand/dirt lately...the beach sounded like the perfect place!

So we headed out to the little "beach" in Granbury. Before we left, the boys were talking about playing pirate while we were there. So I stole a few minutes and went digging in my craft closet. I had kept a few treasures that we had found in MeeMaw's craft drawers when we were cleaning out her house last fall, and there was a handful that I knew would be absolutely perfect for today.

I showed our jewels to the boys and taught them that the red ones are rubies, the green ones are emeralds, and the blue ones are sapphires.

Then I scattered and buried our treasure and marked it with an "X." The pirates were ready and super excited - "Aaargh!"Micah quickly declared the blue "pacifiers" his favorites. :)I was pleasantly surprised when it actually took a little bit of time and effort to find our jewels. Really, there was at least one of them digging for treasure for most of the morning.But eventually we did all move on...to sand castles,
and buried treasure of other sorts. :) As we ate lunch, the ducks came to visit - literally the moment the last bite of the last sandwich was eaten. Luckily, I still had a few of my peanut butter crackers left. I hope peanut butter is okay for ducks?

Finally it was time to gather up our pirate tools and pirate booty to go home and take pirate naps - but not before each of the pirate brothers chose a small handful of jewels to leave buried in the sand. Who knows, the next kid that comes along might really think he found buried treasure!

The rest of our day was spent playing "store" - which meant dragging out all of the toys so that they could be bought with the new-found jewels.

And even though I was careful to lay Joey on top of the covers and shake them out after his nap, even after they all had baths last night, I still felt sand all in their sheets this morning. And when I did the laundry a little while ago, I found jewels in the bottom of the washing machine - undoubtedly the jewels Conner had snuck to school this morning, his "tri-source of wisdom, power and happiness."

There is absolutely no telling how long those jewels sat in MeeMaw's craft drawer. They could have easily been there for 20 years or longer. But I know without a doubt that MeeMaw was hanging onto them just in case someone needed them someday. Even in her last days, when she couldn't do much but sit and watch, I know she would have been delighted. I can just see the grin that would envelope her face, and the twinkle that would appear in her tired eyes. I so wish that we could have shared this adventure with her.

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Bonnie said...

Yep. These are the kinds of things Meemaw lived for...You're definitely kin to her!

Jodi said...

I know Mee-Maw was smiling down from Heaven watching you and your boys on Monday... I know you made her very proud with the fantastic job you are doing raising your boys.

Lydia said...

Okay, mom and jodi were nice so i'm going to say:

thanks a lot. i'm crying.

No really. You are so right. Mee Maw would have (and did) loved that.

Gammie said...

Yay for "Pirates of the Granbury"