Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nice to Meet You, Griffin!

Cousin Griffin was born a couple of weeks ago, on October 15th. But because of a week in the NICU, and our being a little overly cautious about coughs and runny noses, the Wellscousins didn't get to see or meet him until last night.

So we got dressed up and Red Dragon Ninja Conner, Skeleton Micah (yes, he does have an actual costume, but Mr. Comfort would much rather wear his favorite tshirt), and SpiderJoey went trick-or-treating.

Look at what a cute mommy and baby giraffe met us at the door!

The Ninja-Skeleton-Spiderman trio got their candy and then got in line to hold Griffin - but only after Aunt Rachel and Uncle Bret had a turn! Conner was, of course, very gentle and sweet with him. I just love how Griffin is looking at Conner in this picture.

Micah was quite the proud big cousin, too. He was supposed to find something last night that started with the letter "G" for show and tell today. A picture of him with little Griffin Giraffe would be perfect! (And wouldn't you know that little stinker made me cute his sweet face off the picture, so that it was only Griffin Giraffe in the show and tell?)Joey was much more interested in playing with Ollie (the dog) than Griffin. Knowing Joey, that was probably for the best anyway!

Griffin, you are such a cutie! We are so blessed to have added you to our family. We've got all kinds of tricks to teach you soon, so watch out Aunt Lydia and Uncle Chris - paybacks. :)

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Gammie said...

They are to cute! (sorry, scaarrryy)
The biggest cousin sure looks comfy holding baby Griffin.
Great pic.

Lydia said...

Love it, Rach! Thanks for telling the story... I haven't quite gotten a routine fit for blogging yet. So glad you guys got to come over and we're looking forward to lots more visits!