Saturday, October 23, 2010

Woolly Bears

Apparently the weather we've had lately has been great for the woolly bears. We find them at home, we find them at Conner's school when we go to pick him up. Anytime we spot one, the world comes to a stop until we've captured it and are able to take it with us. It always causes a scene at school. All three boys love them and all three will pet them, but it's funny that Micah's the only one that will catch one or pick it up.At one point we had six of them.Micah and Joey have both taken them to school for show and tell. Teachers and students alike were fascinated. And I'm not gonna lie - I've been pretty fascinated, too. First of all, I had no idea that caterpillars pooped so much! Oh. My. Goodness.

The rule we try to follow is that at the end of the day, we let anything that we've caught go. That way the boys can carry it around and enjoy it, but (hopefully, anyway), we're not killing everything, either. Well, the other day Bret let the woolly bears go in the little bed of spearmint next to our front porch. And then the next morning when the boys went out to play, they were still there. (At least, I think they were the same ones.)

So now, everytime we catch a woolly bear, we put spearmint leaves in the jar with them. Apparently they love spearmint. It's crazy, we've actually been able to watch them eat a lot. And then at the end of the day, we let them go in the spearmint bed...and the next morning they're still there. I think we've been catching the same poor little woolly bears everyday for about a week now. You'd think they'd wise up. But they don't. So the boys continue to enjoy them.

This morning Micah and Joey took it to a whole new level. They didn't catch them immediately like usual. Instead they just played with them. The woolly bears were put into the unattended flower pots that were begging for some kind of life anyway. Micah gave them a napkin to poop on, and a ball to play with.But I don't mind. It's kept them busy and occupied, so it's been kind of nice. :)(See all that poop? Yeah, that's from two caterpillars over a couple of hours. And all that spearmint they've been eating makes it smel minty fresh. Good grief.)

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