Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Beach

When we first moved to Louisiana, and then realized how close we were to the great beaches in Florida, we promised ourselves that we would drive the kids out there to a "real" beach sometime before we moved back to Texas. Who knows, they might never get all the way back out to Florida and we simply had to take advantage of being close enough to make it a day trip.

We finally ended up going to Pensacola in May of '08, just a couple of months after Josiah was born. Conner has been talking about how wonderful the beach is ever since, and has of course been asking to go again. In particular, this spring he's been begging - enough that we had decided that if we were able to make one little get-away this summer, it would be to a beach. Certainly not Florida again, and probably not even Corpus Christi or Galveston, but we were hoping we could at least make it to Burger's Lake in Fort Worth or something.

Then I was reminded that I had heard people talking about a beach on the shore of Lake Granbury, only a 30 minute or so drive from BooBoo and Yogi's house. And coincidentally, Mom had heard people talking about it recently, too. So when we decided to come stay with them for a couple of days this week, a trip to check out this "beach" in Granbury was a no-brainer.

And oh my goodness, I don't think these kiddos had any idea that they weren't in Florida again. Partly because it's been long enough and they're young enough that they don't remember it all that well. :) But mostly because this beach was actually pretty legit - minus the salt water that I hate and the crabs that Micah is terrified of.
And of course, I took lots of pictures...(Um, yeah...that's about the most you're going to see of me in a picture at the beach!)Not everyone can say that they were terrorized by friendly sand monsters while they were at the beach!...or water monsters, either. :)
One of the main things that the boys have been wanting to do at the beach was to build sand castles. They didn't quite have the patience to accomplish that, but they did do lots of digging and drawing.Aw man, I was almost done!
We were delighted to happen upon a service program that was giving out free healthy lunches to the kids today. They each got hot ravioli, green beans, potatoes, and an apple, plum, and carton of chocolate milk. What a great picnic lunch - and for free!

And then we discovered a little splash pad to play in, too - the perfect place to rinse off the lake water and sand.And even though this little splash pad was only about half the size of the splash pad that we usually play on at home, this one was new and at the beach. Conner declared it "the best splash pad ever!"

A big thanks to the City of Granbury for sharing your little beach and for keeping it so wonderfully clean and maintained. And another big thanks to the folks serving the free hot and healthy lunches. I'm thinking this is definitely a do-againer!

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Heidi said...

My friend, Misty, that lives in Stephenville takes her girls there. They love it and we've been talking about getting our families together and meeting there. It's half way between Burleson and Stephenville...and how awesome that the "beach" is only a 35 minute drive from B-ville!

Gammie said...

Wow! looks like so much fun! Granbury didn't have such a nice beach when I was a kid (the dinosaurs would have messed them up anyway:())
Burgers Lake used to be great but I don't think it comes close to that.
Glad you guys found the perfect beach! makes summer a lot cooler and so much more fun.

C Wells said...

how neat! do you know what the program was that gave out free lunches?

Bonnie said...

I believe they called the program "Healthy Kids". It was an awesome experience...and so close to home!!