Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bret!

Happy birthday, Bret!! Thirty-one today...and we're so blessed to have you home so that we can celebrate with you!

The wellsbrothers have been very excited about this. After spending the week arguing and debating over what to get, we finally made our decisions. So we did our shopping, but when we got home to start wrapping we realized that we didn't have any appropriate wrapping paper. So we improvised...which was a lot more fun anyway! :)

Micah drew lots of smiley faces, Joey drew lots of "monsters," and Conner made sure to draw a "no girls allowed" symbol...which Micah duplicated.

By the time Bret got up this morning, the boys were so excited and worked up, I don't think he got to open any of his own gifts! But watching them be so excited about their daddy's birthday, the gifts they had gotten him, and the giftwrap artwork was quite a treasure in and of itself.

We spent the day at Tiffany's (Bret's sister's) baby shower, went to dinner with Gammie and Poppy, and finished up the day with some birthday blueberry cheesecake...... and a late-night drive home. What a fun day!

Bret, I'm so thankful for you. October 2 was truly a blessed day thirty-one years ago...and is today, too. Happy birthday, Babe. I love you!

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Bonnie said...

I love the fact that you let your little guys help figure things out. They will cherish those moments, too, I believe.

What a blessed family we are!