Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Monster Blocker 3000

Micah has been afraid of the dark for awhile now, but it's recently taken a sharp turn for the worse. He's very afraid, especially of sleeping in or being in a dark (or even dark-ish) room alone. Yesterday he finally told me why - "Because you never know when a monster might come in, especially an invisible one. Some of them can go through walls, you know."

So Bret got on the internet and did some "research." He discovered something called "Monster Blocker 3000" and ordered it. Amazingly enough, it got here in time for us to use it tonight after dinner! :)

Conner and Micah were very excited, and a little unsure at first.

Monster Blocker 3000
For use on all monsters foreign
or domestic. Includes, ghosts,
invisible monsters, space aliens
and all others!!!.

Use the contents of this bottle
Plus: 1 cup water, spoon of garlic,
1 tbsp salt, 1tbsp pepper,
splash of Red Hot sauce

The contents looked a bit like rice and glitter - but surely that's not what it was! Excitement grew as they mixed the ingredients, even though it was stinky.It was dark outside by the time it was done, so they geared up with headlamps and flashlights,and went out to surround our house in Monster Blocker 3000.Then they came in and got ready for bed - confident that no monsters would come in tonight, and actually able to go to sleep in a dark room! We'll see how the night goes...

Don't my boys have a fantastic dad?! I'm proud of them all!post signature


Lee and Michelle said...

Hope all goes well. My 4yr old is afraid of ghosts also, may be the age? So we tell him that no bad ghosts are in our house,there's only one ghost in our house the protection holy ghost and he guards our house from the bad ghosts. WIsh I could have made a few bucks for thinking of something as clever as the Monster Blocker 3000!

Bonnie said...

Super dad and a super memory...They'll talk about that when they're grown-ups and may even copy the idea for their own young-uns. Love you guys!