Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pack 620

Conner has joined Cub Scouts this year. He heard about it, found it an easy task to talk Bret into finding out more about it, and the rest is history.

They went on their first camping trip with the pack a few weeks ago. Conner was, of course, very excited. But it was Bret who just couldn't contain himself. :) It was actually a family camping trip, but with me not even almost as excited about sleeping outside in the cold with no indoor plumbing...mixed with the "Josiah factor" (yeah, can you imagine?)...I quickly opted Joey and myself out...Micah followed suit...and that left Bret and Conner with a whole weekend of one-on-one in the great outdoors.

Of course, because I wasn't there, I don't have the entire story to tell. But, Bret did come bragging about how impressed everyone was with Conner's consistent quick wit. (For example: "There sure are lots of Daddy Longlegs around where are all the Mommy Longlegs?!") He took a few pictures for us, too. They went on a hike,
decided not to cross the river,
played tug of war,ran into a log and nearly blacked his eye,lost a tooth (that's right, he's missing all four front teeth now), learned to use a compass,learned to tie a knot,had a campfire ceremony to receive his Bobcat Badge (which involved marker "face paint"), and made it through the weekend successfully - dirty, smelly, and less one tooth.Me? I was just glad I made it through the huge pile of disgusting laundry. :)

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Bonnie said...

Can't imagine how a "little-boy-and-daddy" event could be any more perfect! Way to go, Bobcat Conner!