Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wild Indians

We had a Thanksgiving dinner with our Christ Journey friends last night. Joey wanted to wear his pilgrim hat from his school's Thanksgiving Feast, but we couldn't find it. And in the process of looking, somewhere along the way he decided that he'd rather have an Indian headband instead. And then Micah wanted one. And then Conner wanted on.

So here's a picture of the three wild little Indians that went running across the driveway to the dinner at Mr. Ron and Mrs. Debbie's house last night - Micah is making a fashion statement with his feathers in the front, Conner's headband says "boo-yah" on it, and Joey was very pleased with his own headband but was NOT happy about Conner touching him. :)And, by the way, dinner with Christ Journey was fabulous, fun, and uplifting. We have lots to be thankful for!
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Bonnie said...

So cute, and WellsBrothers-ish! I've learned in my role as inclusionary special ed of elementary grades this year that the Wapenoag (sp?) Indians (the ones who participated in the original feast) did not actually wear feathers in their headbands. Quite disappointing, I think, but they are wanting to teach the children correctly... You do NOT have to pass on that heart-wrenching info to the WellsBrothers, however. :)