Friday, November 12, 2010

Nice to Meet You, Kallie

We got to go see our new Cousin Kallie last weekend! She is, of course, an absolute doll. (Yes, she's all dressed up in her Houston Texans dress to watch the game with her daddy. :) When we got there, the Wellsbrothers were all very excited to see her. Joey lost interest very quickly...but Conner could/would have sat there and held her all day. He's turning out to be such a good and attentive big cousin.Micah and Joey, however, found the gopher holes in the yard to be much more entertaining. They actually got to watch a gopher dig for a few minutes, and then decided to do a bit of digging (and throwing dirt into the air) of their own.I would like to say that we were able to spend our whole weekend cuddling a sweet baby and hanging out with our family...but...a few hours after we got there Joey started showing signs of being sick...and ended up with a tummy bug. We quarantined ourselves to Gammie's house and tried to lay low for the rest of our weekend. I did get to sneak back over to Tiffany's to get a few more baby girl cuddles before we left though!

Congratulations to Kevin, Tiffany, and Big Brother Kaleb! Kallie is beautiful! (And we're sooooo sorry to have brought nasty germs into your home...)
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Tiffany said...

Aww thanks! We think she's a keeper! And I couldnt ask for better big cousins--especially Conner! And, I told you not to worry about the germs--we are all fine!

Bret Wells said...

Hmm...I wonder what happened to that gopher?

Bonnie said...

Looking at Conner cuddling his cousin Kalli makes me think of his sweet heart when he told you, Rach, when you were in the hospital having Joey, "He's so cute!" I think he just has a baby-loving heart!

And she is mighty cute, Tifanny!