Saturday, February 7, 2009

Yogi to the Rescue

Bret had a meeting tonight, (that he went to even though he really is not well yet) and I was going to be home alone with all the sick-os. So I called Dad. He was "on call" for me pretty much all day yesterday and today (my mom had some other stuff going on, and Bret's mom has her own house full of sick-os that she's dealing with, so it was just Dad...), and I decided to cash it in.

The "real" tummy stuff seems to be over (though Micah seems to get a kick out of insisting that he needs to "gwo-up" every twenty or thirty minutes or so, and then proceeding to spit in his puke bucket)...
Conner still has a fever though. The sequence of Motrin/Tylenol every three hours is only keeping it down to a little over 101, so he's pretty miserable. And he's really whiny and high-maintenance about it, too. Joey is okay, just still not himself. Aside from a few good minutes here and there (like this one), he's mostly asleep or whining/crying. So Yogi came. He brought me a hamburger. Oh, it was so good. Thank you, Dad! I've lost about three pounds these last few days...too worried about everyone else to take care of myself. Yes, I know that's bad in the long run, but it is what it is...

Just a having a fresh face -- and a Yogi face at that! -- did wonders for everyone's attitudes. We got everyone some kind of semblance of dinner, watched some Backyardigans, Dad juggled kids for me so that I could give a few much-needed minutes to the dirty dishes and the laundry, he found quarters in the big boys' ears,we got everyone to bed, and Dad left. The evening ended up much better than I had thought it would at one point. Thank you, thank you Dad! You're the best!


Gammie said...

Poor thing! At least you guys are back in Texas so Yogi could make a quick trip to help out!
Hope todays been a little better!

Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

Thank goodness for helping hands. There have been a few times that asked my mother-in-law who lives nearby to come over and help when the boys are ill and I don't have enough hands to complete all tasks before me. And with sick, whiny kids, any task is HUGE. Oh, Rachel, I am really pulling for you down here in Sugar Land! I'll bet you loved that hamburger as much as you loved your dad's help. We are so lucky to have the amazing dads that we do. I feel sad for those that will never know a father's love like we do. Here's hoping tomorrow is even better!

I'm still laughing at the fake "throwing up" picture. Grant used to do that when I was pregnant with Rhett. Since I was throwing up all of the time and had my head in my "vomit bucket" for seven months, he thought that that was a normal every-day thing to do, so he started to "throw up" as well in his own "vomit bucket". So sweet.

Anonymous said...

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