Friday, February 20, 2009

Play Mates

I love the days that Conner and Micah play together. Nicely. For a long time. And they let Joey join in some, too. (I'm not asking much, am I?!) No, really...I love it. It usually means that there's a big mess, or maybe even several of them. But it also means that I got to spend the day getting some things done and playing with my kids -- instead of being the referee and nurse. (Not playing together well inevitably equals owies.)

Well, today was one of those days. Conner was the king and Micah was the servant. I know, it doesn't sound like a game that would necessarily go over well, but apparently today was a holiday. Micah didn't have to go to work until tomorrow. :)
Conner's castle was in No More. (This is what we call the lion container that holds the stuffed animals. Named by my dad, "No More" is short for "No More Lyin.'") Micah's servant quarters were in the closet. But since today was a holiday, the king had invited the servant into the castle to play.

Joey was the monster.
Lots of times it's really hard to have kiddos this young and close in age. But sometimes it's nice, and when it is it's really fun. I'm so glad that my kids have built in play mates. That they like (most of the time).


BooBoo said...

Can't say that Joey looks like a very scary monster....
and hooray for "plike" (play-like) days, where imaginations take over!
Blessings upon blessings!
Love you all!
MOM pfu,wpfy

Lee and Michelle said...

It is wonderful to have your kids have fun together. What a great imagination the boys have. My 3 sisters are my best friends too! Keep up the good work by fostering these precious relationships.

Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

Oh, poor Joey. You could never be the monster in my book. :)

I hear ya, girl. My boys can fight like cats and dogs, but when that occasional "good play day" comes around, it does my soul good. That random day also tends to be the day I finish laundry and have dinner ready for Kerry when he gets home. Hooray for good play days!

CB said...

They are soo sweet! We are almost there, but they still have to be watched over a little!! This always gives me hope for next year!!

Gammie said...

ahhhh! memories! These are the days!
That's the sweetest little monster I've seen in a long time;
I'm so glad Micah had the day off to enjoy.