Monday, February 23, 2009

Whirlwind Sunday

Yesterday was one of those whirlwind days. You know, the kind where you leave the house, come home and throw your stuff down, gather up more stuff, leave and do your thing, and go home and do it again -- two or three more times. Usually those kind of days are completely exhausting. But yesterday was different. Yesterday was just a good day, the kind of busy that left me (and it sounds like several other people who did some of it with us) just feeling good.

We started off in kind of a rush. I don't remember exactly when kids started waking up, but I know it had to have been around seven or so. Worship doesn't start until 10:30, we should have had plenty of time to get ready and get to church on time. Yet somehow, Bret left a little before nine and I found myself still serving breakfast, me and all three of the brothers still in pjs. And then I remembered that I needed to run to our storage unit on our way to grab a couple of baby gates for the nursery. And then I remembered that I wanted to have things kind of picked up when we left because people would be coming over as soon as we got home. Better get on it, Rach!

Somehow I did it, though. In about an hour, I got my hair "done" (better than it started off, anyway!), make up on, myself and all three of the brothers dressed. I even remembered to fix the big brothers' hair and brush their teeth! (I'm so bad about remembering those things when I'm by myself and we're in a hurry. Awful, I know...) I at least got the breakfast dishes in the sink and had a trail picked up through the living room so that folks could walk through. Not ideal, but an effort, at least. I grabbed the three boys and two bags and headed out around ten.

By the time we had stopped at storage, we pulled up to the Party Room right at 10:30. I suddenly realized that my three boys and two bags to get in had suddenly become three boys, two bags, and three baby gates. Just as I was pondering how to do this, Becca showed up to save the day! (Thanks, Becca.) She helped us get in the door, just in time to find a seat before worship started.

Yesterday also happened to be Family Sunday -- no classes for the kids, a chance for families to get to worship together, for the kids to see what all goes on in "big church." It was only the second time we had tried this, and we had a little sermon just for the the kids.
And even though Conner announced to everyone, "What? I don't get it," I thought Ron did an excellent job!

Then worship was over (just in time...I had run out of snacks and the markers were apparently getting boring) and it was time to go to lunch with friends. Six adults and ten kids. (Sure, one of them's not "out" yet, but I'm still counting him/her!) After eating a taco salad over a sleeping baby in my lap and trying to talk to friends while kids were spilling drinks, wasting napkins, and putting ice in one another's hair it was time to head off for the next adventure.

We got home about three minutes before the Blackwells got there. They were on their way to the house church leaders' meeting (that Bret was going to), and I was watching their kids for them. Four of them. Me and seven kids for a little over three hours. I've gotta admit, I was a little nervous, but the Blackwell kiddos are older than mine. They pretty much took care of themselves. We watched a movie, ate some popcorn, and Daniel taught Conner and Micah some cool stuff to do with their cars and tracks.

Then the Blackwells were off, and we were throwing shoes on kids to head off to the next thing -- Orientation Dinner at the Chappotins. This was a time for folks who are new to Christ Journey to learn a little more about us. Not everyone who was planning to come was able to make it, but I was so glad that we got to go. Pizza for dinner, more playing for the kids, and a chance for me to meet these folks. I'm often guilty of chasing kids instead of meeting new people...

But alas, we had to cut it short. The effects of Micah's no-nap day were starting to kick in strong. I cut out with the two little brothers, left Conner with Bret and headed home to call it a day.

Like I said, it was busy, it was hectic, it was exhausting -- but it was energizing. I'm not real sure exactly what it was, but worship was especially good yesterday. I enjoyed visiting with our friends at lunch and getting to know them better. The one on seven Wells/Blackwells experience was good. And I was really excited about what was going on at the Orientation Dinner. God is definitely alive and well here in Burleson -- and He is so good.

Oh, and here's some of the artwork that was created on Sunday, I'm pretty sure I got the ages right:

Micah, age 3:

Daniel, age 6:

MaKenzie, age 8:

MaKayla, age 11:

Good job, kiddos!


Heidi said...

Amen! I am just excited about what He is doing and going to continue to do in this city....which reminds me of a great Chris Tomlin song....!!

Bret Wells said...

I was very nervous about Sunday...we just had so much stuff piled on top of stuff (there were actually several things that Rachel left out). We usually do a good job of trying not to over-schedule (which Chris and I both see as a theological issue in addition to a practical one), but this time it just happened.

I finished the day, sat down and realized with a bit of surprise that, though tired, I was incredibly energized and excited by the whole deal!

Now, I'm sitting Starbucks across the street from Rosa's where we'll soon be having lunch with some friends associated with Harvest House ( We continue the whirlwind life of participants in God's amazing Kingdom of Reconciliation.

Hollie said...

Thank you SO much for keeping the Blackwell Bunch! They enjoy the Wells' Brothers SO much, especially Daniel ;o) You and your wonderful family are such a blessings to us!

Adron & Houston T. said...

Going to take a nap after that, I'm tired from just reading it ;o) Glad you are enjoying your time, and thanks for sharing it with us. I love reading your blog

Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

I need a nap just reading about your busy day! Glad you survived it!

Gammie said...

Suuuperrrrr Mommmmmmm! wow! Congrats on everything!!!!
love ya, me

Hollie said...

GREAT coloring kiddos! Thanks Rachel!!! My kiddos enjoyed coloring them!