Sunday, February 8, 2009

Eleven Months

Eleven months today...goodness gracious. At eleven months, Josiah is the proud owner of six little teeth. He gives high fives, head butts, kisses, and waves hi and bye. He loves to walk while holding someones hands, and occasionally will take a daring step or two on his own. And, if you catch him in the right mood, he will say yum, mama, bye bye, hi, uh-oh, and dada. He also loudly says "aaaahhhh" in sinc with the dryer everytime it buzzes. (We have a really long buzzer and it seems it is always buzzing...)

Here's Micah two years ago at eleven months. (You can tell here that his eyes really did used to be blue...somewhere along the way they've turned kind of grey-green...) And Conner 4 1/2 years ago at eleven months...
**And an update on the sick-os: Bret, after setting up the coffee shop for church this morning and running through the worship before church and then doing all of his preaching and stuff during church, is laying on the couch here behind me with a 102-103 degree fever with Tylenol. We've decided that maybe he has the flu. He is (we are!) miserable. Conner's fever has started going down, but still has not broken. Micah has started vomiting again. They both still have a little bit of diarrhea. Joey is doing his best to hang in there...


Lee and Michelle said...

What a cutie. You're almost one Joey!

Sorry your feeling bad Brett. Rachel are you next?

Hollie said...

How precious, and what a GREAT idea with the pictures of the boys all at the same age!

I can't believe he came yesterday! He's crazy but I can understand why he did! Tell him that we give him a HUGE "THANK YOU" for putting himself a side for Christ Journey! After worship he told me, "I'm going home to die now"!
Poor guy :o( Praying that your family heals and that you stay free of the illness going around! Love ya girl and hang in there!

Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

Wow! Joey and Conner look so much alike. Not sure who Micah looks like... He's his own person.

Has Bret been to the doc yet? That's a pretty high fever! I am just concerned it may be an infection... Ya, I find that my boys will get better, and then worse again before they STAY better. Again, hang it there, and be sure to WASH YOUR HANDS a million times a day.

Rachel said...

Michelle, I SO hope I'm not next!!

Yes Hollie, he's crazy. But that's how he works. Thanks for your prayers.

Amanda, you're so right. Joey and Conner look alike, and Micah is his own little guy... And no, Bret hasn't been to the doc yet. Nurse Jodi says it does sound like he has the flu, and the strain going around this area is resistant to pretty much everything. We pretty much have to just let it run it's course...unless the fever does get any higher or there are any other symptoms indicating an infection of some kind. Uggh.