Wednesday, February 11, 2009


That's right, he's walking. (Please excuse the less-than-stylish couch in the background...we've been sick and the slip cover was in the washing machine...) He's been taking a step or two here and there for awhile now. But then yesterday there were several three and four step jaunts, and by the end of the day today, he starts off with three or four steps everywhere he goes. Sometimes he falls, sometimes he just gives up and drops down on all fours because it's faster.

I'm thinking this addtional mobility might make for a hard transition for the big brothers. Just before bedtime, I found Joey here in their room. Apparently Micah had trapped him back there between the bookcase and the toy box so that he wouldn't get in the way.

Now I'm not a shoes-y kind of mom. It may have been different if I'd have had girls, but I can honestly say that Joey has only worn shoes about three times in his entire life -- and those were a teeny tiney little pair of crocs he outgrew months ago. They're just a lot of trouble, something else to keep up with, an added expense -- and those big clonky things get in the way of cozy little cuddles! Guess I'll be digging through our bucket of outgrown shoes to see if I can find some to fit him tomorrow...time to start getting used to them!

Honestly, that's the thing I've been dreading most about this kid walking -- fighting squirmy and squashed up little toes, and two more little shoes to get on before we go anywhere...

Yay, Josiah! We're proud of you!


Gammie said...

Yay Josiah!!! We are sooo very proud of you!!!!

Looks like we found that other b-day present for Joey. Shoes.

Get ready brothers (and Rach) he will have running down before long!

Rachel said...

DON'T buy shoes yet! Conner and Micah wore the same size when they started walking...and they go through shoes so fast at this age that they still look practically new. Don't worry -- if we need them, I'll send out the alert!

BooBoo said...

Oh, my goodness! How BIG he looks standing there on his own!! My favorite part is where Micah trapped him...pretty clever, Micah...but you won't get away with that for long! Love, MOM pfu,wpfy

Bret Wells said...

yeah, I laughed so hard at the entrapment that I nearly made myself sick again!

What do you do when the baby starts getting into your stuff...according to Micah, you "gwap" him in a corner!

Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

That picture of Joey trapped in the corner with Micah's help is cracking me up!!! Boys are a HOOT; never a dull moment. And now that Joey is walking, the dull moments that may have existed here and there are out the window!

Hollie said...

On your mark, get set, HERE COMES JOEY!!

Girls are no different, maybe even worse! Congrats!