Thursday, February 19, 2009

25 Things

Okay, I think pretty much everyone I know has done the "25 Random Things About Yourself" list on facebook. A bunch of you have tagged me...and it's been long enough now that you've all moved on to other lists. Well, I finally got around to my list of "25 Things" and thought I'd share it here, too.

1. I would love to be a good photographer, to have a nice camera and take some cute and fancy-schmancy pictures.

2. We have slip covers covering our hand-me-down couches that are less than pleasing to the eye. We decided to wait to buy any nicer furniture until we at least had everyone potty-trained. I think that might be one of the best decisions we ever made. I love my slipcovers, that I don't have to worry too much about the furniture, that I can just throw them in the washing machine. (I still can't wait to have nicer couches someday, though...)

3. I love paper and markers and scissors and glue. I'm not super-talented with them or anything, but I'll take any excuse to get them out and play.

4. I think it's probably safe to say that I like a little bit of coffee in my creamer (instead of creamer in my coffee). But if I were to truly treat myself (which I rarely do), I'd run to Starbuck's for a toffee nut latte with whip.

5. You'd be surprised how many things a Diet Coke and a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies can fix. (No, really...I've been known to eat the whole batch by myself...)

6. I like to get pedicures. (Something else I rarely treat myself to...actually, now that I think about it, I don't know that I've ever treated myself to one. I only get them on a special occasion when someone else is buying...) Manicures on the other hand, I could totally do without. Not because I don't need them -- they are just so incredibly uncomfortable for me. The thought of someone else filing my nails makes my stomach turn. (Too many bad pre-prom nail jobs, I guess!)

7. I can't wait to be an aunt! Kaleb (Tiffany and Kevin's baby boy) is due April 9th!

8. My name was going to be Rebecca. But a few days before I was born, my mother realized that she did not want people to calling me "Becky" all the time. So "Rachel" it was. My middle name is Loraine, the same as my MeeMaw's.

9. When I say that I keep up with a few TV shows, I mean I very loosely keep up with a few TV shows. I watch them when I get the chance, but I think I miss them more often than not. The ones I like to try to catch are Lost, Grey's Anatomy, Jon and Kate Plus Eight...and you gotta love those Backyardigans! :)

10. I love my minivan. It's dirty, it needs to be vaccuumed, there are stale french fries and lonely jelly beans under the seats...but there's room for three carseats with plenty of room leftover for groceries and/or a place to change a diaper. Thank you, Bret for my mommy-mobile.

11. If it's possible to be addicted to chapstick, I think I am. Medicated Chapstick. I love the tingle.

12. I had the perfect job when we lived in Dallas. I was the assistant director of a preschool, got to take my kids to work with me, loved my boss (with whom I shared an office), loved the other teachers and students and families I interacted with, and the money was decent. I think I'm still mourning the loss of that job and relationship.

13. When I was in the 2nd grade, I cut my leg open on a toilet paper holder. I had to get six stitches.

14. I am the oldest of four children. Me, thirteen months later my brother Ira, 2 1/2 years later my sister Lydia, and 17 months later my other sister, Jodi -- four of us in five years.

15. Is it bad that one of the Wiggles (from the kids' TV show) reminds me of an ex-boyfriend?

16. Apparently, Bret and I had been dating for six months before I even knew it.

17. When we were growing up, we were not allowed to watch anything on TV afer 5pm except for the animal shows on PBS. I remember thinking I was missing out on the world...but I've learned now that it really wasn't that big of a deal.

18. I have a hard time ever doing nothing. Even if I'm watching TV, I'm almost alway working on some kind of something else at the same time.

19. Bret likes to use big words that are not used in common conversation very often. I've learned that I can nearly always fake that I know what he's talking about.

20. I am a weinie when it comes to spicy foods. I've tried and tried to like them, I just can't do it.

21. I like my hamburgers with mayonnaise and cheese, cut the onions and pickles.

22. I beat myself up the next morning if I don't wash all of the dishes and wash/fold/put away at least one load of laundry before I go to bed every night.

23. I am a homebody. My best friends are my family.

24. I'm addicted to my blog. It's become therapy of sorts for me.

25. I ran track when I was in junior high -- the 200 meter dash, the 400 meter dash, the 200 meter relay, and the mile relay. I also did the long jump.


Tiffany said...

I think #19 is my favorite...well next to the excitement you have about becoming an Aunt! I can't wait for you to experience the joys of someone else's child that you can play with and spoil and then give back...even if it is me that you are giving him back to all rotten!!

Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

How on EARTH did you cut your leg open on a toilet paper holder???
And I'm glad to know I'm not alone when it comes to wanting the house to spic and span before I go to bed.

Rachel said...

On Facebook, Heather B. says:

#2-very, very smart
#10- glad to know others travel in their care among stale french fries
#14 - oh my word - makes me a little nauseated
#19 - Brian does too! Man, I wish I wee smart enough to act like I know what he means...I just stare at him and say "WHAT?"
#25 - also makes me tired. There's no reason to run unless someone is chasing you.

To which I say: #25 -- I couldn't agree more. I got smarter when I got into high school and quit running track! :)

And to Amanda's question: Well, I was running away from a friend, hiding in the bathroom, she found me, and I guess we got too wild as she was trying to tag me and I was trying to get away...

Amy said...

Good job on getting this list done. I still haven't. No time while I'm at work. I waste enough time just posting pictures on here!!!

Lee and Michelle said...

I like your #9. I do the same thing, it's hard to just sit there without folding laundry or balencing the checkbook on commercials. WHen I was newly married I informed LEE that he could get so much done during commercials while watching football. It didn't go over well!I guess women are just great multi-taskers

Adron & Houston T. said...

#12 I can say the same thing. I never meet another Ruth Ann before, I'm thankful for that job