Monday, November 30, 2009

Just Gammie, Poppy, and the Boys

The Wellsbrothers got to spend some time with Gammie, Poppy, and Cousin Kaleb while Bret and I were tending to some other family business.

I think it was a hard week - four boys age six and under. And to make things worse Joey had diarrhea and a diaper rash that required a bland diet and a bath after every "episode." I'm not real sure what Gammie would have done if Conner hadn't been so willing to keep tabs on Micah and Kaleb every time she had Joey in the bathtub. And she was real good at convincing Joey that unsweet tea was chocolate milk!

And somehow they managed to find some time for fun:

tractor rides,
Joey became a pro at making biscuits,
they watched movies,
played "soccer" in the hallway,
checked the cows (the say MOO!),
they made some delicious cookies,
and were just plain cute!Then Bret and I joined them for Thanksgiving dinner.Thank you, thank you, thank you Gammie and Poppy for taking one the crazies!

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