Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An Afternoon with Tigger

Yesterday afternoon, Conner came home with his class pet, Terrific Tigger. He was very excited...until I told him that we needed to run a few errands before we went home. Conner does not like to run errands.

But then I told him that he and Tigger could get excited again, because we were planning to eat dinner at Rosa's (Taco Tuesday -- a taco plate for $3.33, we can feed the whole the family for about $10!), and Bubba and Uncle Chris were going to meet us there! To say that he got excited again would be an understatement.

So we ran our errands, went home for a little while, and were off to Rosa's. Tigger happily sat between a couple of plants on a ledge while we ate. (And on Conner's head for a few minutes.)And then the real excitement began -- we saw Mrs. Scarpello! Conner grabbed Tigger (how crazy is it that the day that we see her was the same day that Conner had Tigger?!) and practically bolted out of the booth, ran to her, and almost knocked her over with a hug. Mr. Scarpello had been released from the outpatient rehab center on Saturday, and this was their first attempt at going out. He showed Conner the "cool" scar on his back, and Conner showed him the scar on his pinky finger.

Mr. Scarpello is doing much better, but he still needs Mrs. Scarpello to help him with pretty much everything. So, even though he's home, she's not back at school yet. But that's fine. She's doing exactly what she needs to be doing, and her class is in good hands with Mrs. Burton.

When we got home, Conner had a really cool story to write about in Tigger's journal, (including Tigger's Mrs-Scarpello-requested-visit-to-the-washing-machine!) and a picture of he and Tigger with Mrs. Scarpello. We couldn't have made up anything more exciting! :)
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Chelsie said...

Now I want Rosa's.... And tell Conner I love Tigger too.

MJP said...

I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy reading the stories that you share about the boys. They are all so cute.


Gammie said...

How awesome!!! What an exciting day for Conner and Tigger! then to run into the Scarpello's... Great to hear that the Scarpellos were able to get out!
p.s. if I remember correctly
Conner had the class "friend" when Josiah was born as well.

Rachel said...

Thanks, guys!

Gammie -- yes, you're right. :)

Bonnie said...

I'm pretty sure you made Mrs. Scarpello's day, too...other than the fact that she was OUT with her husband again!